Considerations when moving Chartered Accountancy Jobs

“Why would I swap one chartered accountancy job or firm for another?”

This is a common question I get from candidates that I talk to day to day. The answer is “it is a very personal decision.”  I am a specialist recruiter within the CA space and I have seen plenty of candidates move for very different reasons. 

Here are a few examples of the latest people I have helped: 


1. Moving from Commercial back to Public Practice

I have been speaking with this Kiwi returner for a few months. We’ve been planning their timeline to move back home to Auckland. They are a Chartered Accountant with over three years of experience within a Mid Tier firm. They then moved to the UK, where they have been in commercial for the past four years. The candidate missed the variety of working in practice, the camaraderie of working in a team of like-minded people and the complexity of the work. Out of three offers, they decided to join a Mid Tier. They will have a broad mix of work with specialist areas of interest with a Partner they felt they had the best chemistry with.


2. Different Chartered Accountancy Job Title and More Responsibility 

This candidate moved to Auckland a year ago. With five years of experience with Big Four overseas, they were offered an Assistant Manager role. The reality is they were already doing the work of a Manager. However, job title and remuneration did not align with their with day to day responsibilities. They happily accepted a role with a Mid Tier that acknowledged the level of work they were doing and also has room for growth and development.


3. Changing Stream or Service Line

This candidate’s main motivation for moving was work-life balance.  They want to finish studying towards their CA qualification and have time for their hobbies. This candidate wanted to change from External Audit to BAS which is very unusual in the market. I was able to secure this type of role with a sizable firm, a salary uplift, and a Senior job title. This also allowed for better work-life balance, flexibility and support with studies.


4. Higher Salary

This candidate had over two years of experience in their area of expertise dealing with mostly Not-for-Profit clients and they wanted to broaden their experience into the For Profit space. There is a huge shortage of this skill set within the market so they were able to increase their salary by over $10,000, as well as getting the type of work they wanted.


5. Change of location for Bigger Firm

My candidate had three years of experience within small firms and wanted to work for a prestigious firm with a global network. They were so determined that they would relocate for the right opportunity and they accepted a role with one of their ideal employers. Due to them being underpaid in the market, I also got them a pay rise of over $10,000 and they are now in their dream job.


These are just a few examples of the people I have helped with their chartered accountancy job – I love what I can do for, not only my candidate’s careers but also their lifestyles and quality of life. 

If you would like to see what I can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a confidential conversation.

Tasha Toehemotu


09 930 9827

I am a Specialist Recruiter within the CA space which means I help Chartered Accountants / Certified Public Accountants and those studying toward their CA or CPA qualification. My clients are Public Practice firms and Accounting firms. The roles/accounting jobs are within Business Advisory Services (BAS), External Audit, Tax, Corporate Finance, Risk Advisory and Insolvency. Our Accounting & Finance specialist team works across New Zealand and Australia in both Professional Services and Commercial/Industry.

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