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Tyler Wren’s salary guide is your downloadable resource for projected salary ranges for Aotearoa New Zealand & Australia.

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Salary Guide

Placing professionals across Australia and New Zealand

Start your salary discussions informed by thousands of salaries for similar roles. Roles like the one you need filled or are hoping to fill.

Whether you are planning a career move or looking to retain or employ top talent, our salary guide provides clarity. We cover salaries in chartered accounting, financial services, insurance, building & construction, and legal.

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The essential salary guide for employers and jobseekers

For employers – are you paying enough?
Use the Tyler Wren salary guide to maintain your competitive edge as an employer. It’s valuable information for securing the top talent you need or retaining the talent you have. With a clear understanding of average salaries across your industry, you can offer a competitive employment package. Therefore, you’ll be able to attract the best job seekers in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

For employees – are you being paid enough?
See what salaries top talent in your industry are earning. When applying for a job or preparing for a job review, ensure you aren’t underselling yourself. Similarly, avoid putting yourself in a position where you could be overlooked. Instead, arm yourself with the numbers you need to make sure you get what you’re worth. Our guide on average salaries will give a feel for what roles in your industry typically pay.

Salary expectations

Remuneration is a primary consideration when people contemplate accepting or staying in a job. It makes sense that if you’re growing your team or looking to join a new one you need up to date salary advice. The Tyler Wren salary guide gives you the numbers you need to know.

Tyler Wren to help you find the best opportunities as a job seeker and the best employees as an employer across both Australia and New Zealand. If you are looking to make a move to New Zealand, look at the Green List of occupations at NZ Immigration.

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