Are you on the lookout for new staff in the accounting, legal, insurance and financial services fields?

We exist because Australia and New Zealand businesses want to hire the best people.

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Applicant screening by employment experts

Screening job candidates can be a time-consuming and costly process. By screening potential employees for businesses in New Zealand and Australia, we save employers precious time and resources.

Thanks to our extensive networks and databases, we have access to a larger talent pool of candidates with a range of skills and experience. This increases diversity and inclusion. We can identify suitable candidates more quickly and efficiently. We can also reach passive candidates who are not actively looking for work but may be open to new opportunities.

Candidate screening for employers by experienced recruitment professionals reduces the risk of hiring mistakes and helps to ensure compliance with New Zealand and Australian employment laws.

By outsourcing the screening process to the Tyler Wren team, only the most suitable candidates will be presented to you, the employer. We will assess candidates’ qualifications, experience, and suitability for the role, ensuring you are making a truly informed hiring decision.

Job applicant screening is a critical step in the hiring process. Let us do it for you so you can focus on other areas of your business.

How we conduct applicant screening

At Tyler Wren, we filter potential candidates in a variety of ways, depending on their focus and expertise. Our specific industry expertise means we can use our knowledge and networks. Our deep understanding of the accounting, legal, insurance and financial services roles and the skills and experience required means we filter candidates more effectively.

Some of the common filtering strategies used by our recruitment team include:

Filtering Strategies

Pre-screening: We’ll assess a candidate’s skills, experience, qualifications, and motivation to move. This may be by conducting phone or video interviews and reviewing resumes.

Background and qualification checks: Our recruitment experts may conduct background checks to verify the candidate’s employment history, education, and references. We will also check ID and eligibility to work in Australia or New Zealand

Face-to-face interviews: On your behalf, our trained interviewers will conduct structured interviews. We will determine whether applicants match the job requirements for the position and whether their credentials are a fit for the role.

Skills testing: Depending on the skill set required, our recruitment staff may also use skills testing to assess a candidate’s abilities and knowledge in specific areas related to the job.

Initial reference checking: A key part of the hiring process, our checks provide independent insights into a candidate’s past work performance and cultural fit.

At Tyler Wren, we use a combination of these strategies to filter candidates. This ensures that only the most qualified and suitable job applicants are presented. 

Why get Tyler Wren to screen and shortlist for your next job vacancy

For employers looking for new staff, we save time and resources. Our access to a larger talent pool reduces the risk of hiring mistakes and increases diversity and inclusion. By outsourcing the screening process to the Tyler Wren team, you can focus on other areas of your business while we find the most suitable candidates for those positions requiring staff.