The Insurance sector is essential in managing risk and providing financial protection for individuals and businesses against the unexpected. Typically in New Zealand, some of the  more commonly related risks are seismic and flood-related.

Understanding the Insurance Industry

Within New Zealand, insurance is split into two strands. The general strand covers personal, commercial and corporate policy coverage. The health & life strand covers medical, health, life, disability and income protection. To provide financial advice, you will need to obtain your NZCFS Level 5 certificate in the relevant strand. Furthermore, there are opportunities to work across underwriting, broking, support, claims, business development and actuarial roles. These roles will allow you to build your career within the insurance industry.

Skills in High Demand

To be successful in building your insurance career, you’ll need to master the following skills:

Analytical Skills – You will work through large amounts of data analysing where the risks are and creating policies and premiums that cover these risks.

Sales Skills – Ultimately, you are selling insurance. You will need to have in-depth product knowledge which you are confident can cover your client’s risks and be able to sell it to them.

Communication Skills – Both written and verbal communication skills are paramount. Being able to build rapport with your clients over the phone, in person and through email will help to retain business and build a pipeline of new business.

Tips for Job Seekers

Crafting a standout resume will show potential employers your skills and the desire to build your insurance career. This includes quantitative data on the value of your book, the number of clients you service and the types of clients you connect with. Mentioning particular year on year growth is a key achievement to note.

Preparing for an interview is easy when partnering with Tyler Wren. We cover a range of tips and tricks including; behavioural interview questions, body language recommendations, creating questions for the employer to see if they fit you and more!

In conclusion, understanding the insurance industry, refining key skills that are in demand, and creating a standout resume will enable you to build your insurance career. 

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