There are many elements to both the recruitment and selection process for recruiters, clients, and candidates alike. One of the most important and sometimes overlooked areas is the importance of mutual confidentiality and trust. With clients, candidates, and the recruiter. In recruitment, confidentiality is paramount.

The Recruiter & Client & Candidate Triangle:

My specialty is public practice accounting in the South Island. I work with a number of clients (big, medium, and small) throughout each region. As a specialised recruiter (and the reason I am paid for what I do) is that the public practice accounting sector is my ‘bread and butter’. Yes, this does mean that I have had the odd nightmare about being an Accountant without a calculator, an Auditor with poor time management, and a Tax Accountant who mixes the tax percentages! 😧

Ultimately (and please excuse the soppiness 🥰), my end goal is to make the perfect match. A match between my clients who are looking for BAS, tax, or auditing superstars in a candidate short market and the candidates that I work with who are needing my help to find their dream role. 

At the top of my radar is the importance of thoroughly understanding both parties’ wants, needs, and non-negotiables. Also building rapport, trust, and relationships with both parties, and upholding confidentiality in all areas of this recruitment triangle. 

Recruiter & Candidate – Confidentiality & Trust: 

My job is to help people find their dream job!

I am literally employed to be at each candidate’s assistance. To find the best roles and firms that meet their needs, negotiate the best possible outcomes, advise and answer questions, weigh up options, and bounce decisions off. We are on the same team! 🙌

One of the biggest challenges in a candidate short market (alongside living in a country where everyone knows everyone!) is the idea that working with multiple recruiters, using multiple networks, and having as many options on the go as possible is the best course of action. In recruitment, confidentiality should be a given.

In my experience, the best successes for candidates have come from choosing one option and pursuing that avenue to its fullest

If you prefer to do your own search, handle your own applications, and apply directly – go for it! 

If you prefer to use who you know and your networks – go for it! 

And if you prefer to work with a recruiter and have all your applications in one place -go for it!

As a recruiter – if you have started the recruitment process using other avenues, we need the full picture before we can help you. Think about: where have you applied, when did you apply, who have you applied through, and who else has your cv

From here, we are trusting what you tell us to help find you your next role

Incorrect information can be detrimental to your applications. Also to your personal brand in the market, and your reputation in your region’s industry alongside your recruiter’s personal brand. 

Whether you are openly looking for opportunities or prefer to keep your profile anonymous, I have recruitment processes established to best help your situation in the market. In return, upholding confidentiality on both sides ensures a smooth, successful, and mutually beneficial outcome for all parties. 

As much as you are trusting me to find you your next role, I am trusting you to provide accurate information. We are trusting each other to uphold each end of the deal. We are on the same team! 🙌

Recruiter & Client – Confidentiality & Trust: 

In a nationwide shortage, clients are trusting me to help them find their superstar(s) who will: 

1. Match the employee and position requirements that they are recruiting for
2. Match and uphold their team and firms values, culture, and professional beliefs 
3. Bring something to the table – a wealth of knowledge, a passion for accounting, a hunger to grow and develop,
or even a fun and positive attitude goes a long way!

The first step for me is to create a trusting relationship between the client and myself to ensure that a strong foundation of trust is established going forward

This will mean that any positions released, information disclosed, third-party discussions, applications sent through, terms negotiated, or requirements discussed are upheld with confidentiality. As much as you are trusting me to find you your person, I am trusting you to provide accurate information, and we are trusting each other to uphold each end of the deal. We are on the same team! 🙌

The best successes for my clients and myself during each recruitment have come from being transparent with each other, recruitment confidentiality

Being honest, open, and respectful – but also by having the mutual understanding that without honesty, clear communication, and accurate information, we are only hindering the recruitment process and unknowingly sabotaging a common aim and the hiring process. 

We need this foundation of trust, mutual aims, and clear boundaries. Without it the recruitment process can go from being a seamless, simple, and mutually beneficial experience to one of confusion, blurred lines, and unmet expectations.

Get in touch for a confidential chat to help you better understand and be able to utilise the current market. Reach out to discuss how we can help you today or in the future! 

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