In the dynamic world of legal professions, staying abreast of current salary trends and benefits offerings is crucial. For both employers and employees. The Tyler Wren Legal Salary and Benefits Survey for 2024 provides a comprehensive overview of the evolving landscape. Drawing insights from market analysis and invaluable input from legal professionals like you. The Tyler Wren team will then assemble the 2024 Salary and Benefits Guide with participants gaining first access. 

Market Analysis:

Our survey is grounded in extensive market analysis, reflecting ongoing observations and discussions within the legal sectors of New Zealand and Australia. We’ve closely monitored market shifts throughout the past year, witnessing notable transformations driven by economic dynamics and changing workplace cultures. We would like to gain your insight into these changes. 

The Importance of Your Input:

While our ongoing analysis provides a solid foundation, your input through the survey is invaluable in enriching the depth and accuracy of our findings. By participating, you contribute to a more nuanced understanding of current market conditions. You’ll help ensure that our guide reflects the realities and aspirations of legal professionals across various roles and sectors.

Survey Highlights:

This year’s survey delves into several key areas, including:

  • Benefits Packages: We aim to provide a detailed analysis of the most sought-after benefits offered by leading employers. Ranging from healthcare coverage, sustainability benefits, financial gains to progression plans and beyond.
  • Work-Life Balance Initiatives: We are interested in insights into companies’ initiatives to promote work-life balance. Including flexible schedules, parental leave policies, and remote work arrangements.
  • Market Insights: Our analysis will shed light on prevailing local and international market conditions and their implications for salary and benefits trends. This will offer valuable context for both employers and employees.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: We will explore pathways for career progression, including promotion prospects, mentorship programs, and professional development resources.

Your Impact:

Your participation in the survey enriches our data and provides an opportunity to showcase exceptional benefits and innovative practices within your firm. By sharing your insights, you contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the legal landscape. You’ll be helping to shape industry standards and facilitate informed decision-making.


As we compile the 2024 Legal Salary and Benefits Guide, your input remains integral to its success. We extend our gratitude for your time and insights, knowing that together, we can enhance our industry and support the growth and well-being of legal professionals across the region.

Please spare a few moments to complete the survey and share your valuable perspectives. Thank you for your participation!

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