Employee recognition and appreciation 

It feels good to be recognised at work. A simple thank-you or compliment can change your day but those aren’t perks. Those are workplace essentials. We care about our talented team here at Tyler Wren and believe in investing in employee growth both within the company and outside it. We cultivate a workplace environment where each and every team member is welcomed. Every team member is supported and inspired to deliver exceptional service to our job seekers and employers. There are many benefits of working in recruitment, especially with the Tyler Wren team.

Sharing the good stuff

To express how much we truly appreciate our team, we wanted to go beyond the standard benefits. We wanted to aim above packages and sweeteners that growing numbers of businesses are offering to anyone willing to trudge back to work. We wanted our employees to know we’re looking out for their well-being both inside and outside work. So, we put our heads together to do some serious organisational soul-searching.

Instead of vague promises or throwing as many shiny benefits at our wonderful people as we could, we wanted better. We wanted to make a meaningful impact on both our work colleagues and the world as a whole. We wanted to find a kind of benefit that would help our people. While being in line with our core values of supporting local. Plus caring for the planet and enhancing staff well-being. 

Something a little extra 

So, we thought and thought, and then we held a think tank on the benefits of working in recruitment. We didn’t think beanbags and a ping pong table would really cut it nowadays. Nor did we think having an arcade game room in the office would be welcome. And no, we didn’t go for a wellness centre with hanging swing seats. Or a floor overlooking greenery so employees felt like they were in a tree house like Uber’s new headquarters.

We haven’t installed virtual golf links or life-size chess. Unlike Google, we haven’t thrown a lawn party with free tacos, gyros, fried chicken, and a beer garden. Frankly, we thought it was a little ho-hum. Nor have we given staff a monthly subscription to ride a slick Unagi electric scooter. Nor a ticket in a raffle to win a Tesla, because that was clearly not supporting local. We also thought of Goldman Sachs’ idea of bringing in food trucks. But we decided serving everything from lobster to ice cream and doughnuts wasn’t good for anybody’s waistlines. As for bringing your dirty laundry to work, so we could get it dry-cleaned? Well that’s not only weird it is environmentally damaging.

Sustainable work perks

We wanted to invest in sowing the good seeds, so on top of hybrid working options, we opted for an annual sustainability benefit. We believe this invests in our employees’ futures and the future of our planet. Sustainability gives to everyone now and for generations to come.

Making an impact on staff and the planet

All staff at Tyler Wren receive a $300 voucher every year towards sustainability for their homes. Staff can redeem this at Mitre 10, a good Kiwi-owned business, for seeds or plants for the vegetable patch or for any DIY around the house they want to do. The voucher can be spent on anything they’d like that they think would enhance their well-being. 

Growing the good stuff

Rather than invest in a daily fruit basket that sits around in the corner of the office, we thought it would be way cooler to invest in home-grown fruit or vegies (or flowers – bees need feeding too).

Tyler Wren celebrates and respects the importance of life outside the office, we’re concerned about what happens in the world and we feel a sense of conviction around our policies and practices. We believe that our sustainability allowance shows our employees that. Additionally, we believe they will understand the ‘why’ behind us choosing these vouchers rather than us just handing out the bog-standard perks or benefits of working in recruitment that some other businesses are opting for. 

We want our employees to know we care about them while sharing our environmental commitment. We love our planet and our people and want to enable a certain kind of lifestyle.

Life at the recruitment forefront

Recruitment does have its challenges and we work hard so we enjoy celebrating our successes with regular lunches, dinners and team outings. We like to look for different ways to keep the fun quotient up, so we’ve been to vineyards, gone zip-lining, climbed the harbour bridge, had a go at white-water rafting, and become a little competitive at bowls and axe-throwing; the list goes on.

Dedicated to finding the best fit for you 

Wouldn’t you want to work for a recruitment company that treats its employees well and shows their appreciation for the hard work that makes them so great at what they do? Wouldn’t you want to work for recruiters that don’t just give you loads of room for growth and support and in-depth training from caring colleagues, but hands out benefits that are all yours to be used at home? Have you ever longed to bring your fur baby to work or had lots of autonomy to run your desk your own way? Have you wanted to work from home some days with no set start time or finish time? Ever dreamed of getting lovely KiwiSaver top-ups, an attractive salary base and generous uncapped commissions? Wanted to be recognised on your birthday by getting the day off as well as bonus holiday days?

Tyler Wren also partners with EAP Services to offer our employees personal wellness solutions through confidential counselling and staff are eligible for annual influenza vaccinations. 

The benefits of working in recruitment are many, particularly at Tyler Wren. If you’re looking for a great recruitment job with a team who recognises and rewards hard work, please get in touch with anyone in the team. If you want more information on what we offer and what we do, simply let us know. Call +64 (0) 9 973 5470 or email us.