What is a Salary & Benefits Guide:

The salary guide is a 4-5 page document that sets out salaries and benefits in our areas of expertise:

  • Accounting
  • Legal
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (incl. Risk & Compliance)

It provides a broad commentary on the New Zealand and Australian markets broken down to regions and salary increase trends. It also covers the movement of people by industry and location, range of benefits, salary bandings for specific jobs. Plus it’s split by locations and level of experience as well as a broad temperature check on employees’ satisfaction in their current situation.

How is the Salary & Benefits Guide collated:

A combination of information – firstly our ongoing analysis of each market during the year. Our recruiters are working on jobs in these sectors and talking to passive and active job seekers daily, constantly discussing salaries and benefits on offer. Our recruiters work predominantly across New Zealand and Australia and have pockets of clients based in offshore locations such as BVI, The Cayman Islands, Jersey, and Guernsey.

The second part is where our network comes in. 

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing a 5 minute survey to our networks on Linkedin and our database, the more responses we receive the more accurate our results and commentary will be. 


When is it released:

The salary guides are released between June and September each year.


How can I access it:

The salary guide can be accessed here – bear in mind we are collating this year’s data so the current guide on our website will be replaced soon but still gives a good indication of the market. 


How much does it cost:

It is free of charge


Who should read the guide:

The guides are useful for employers needing information on salary benchmarking in their businesses, for employees wanting to compare their own salary and benefits package to their own, for those new to their areas of expertise to gauge what they can earn and expect in the future.

Please review Linkedin for our press releases about the salary and benefits survey and salary and benefits guides. If you require information before the release of the salary and benefits guide then please get in touch with the team


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