Landing an interview is always exciting! However, interviewing in a specialised field such as public practice accounting often requires unique considerations and preparation.

Let’s delve into some specific tips to help you succeed in the interview process: 

Understanding the Firm 

Understanding the firm is key to excelling in your public practice accounting interview. This includes the firm’s size, culture, and specialisations. Make sure to research the firm’s clients, industry focus, or any recent news or projects they’ve been involved in. Familiarise yourself with the firm’s values, mission, and work to tailor your responses so they are in alignment with their goals. 

Preparing for the Technical Questions

Preparing for the technical side is crucial to showcase your proficiency. Clearly outline your role and responsibilities, key accounting concepts, and your up-to-date knowledge with industry standards. It’s also essential to be ready to discuss specific scenarios from your work experience that demonstrate your technical expertise and problem-solving abilities. You can practise psychometric testing online, as it is commonly part of recruitment processes.


Don’t Overlook the Soft Skills 

More than ever, firms are looking for candidates that have more than just technical proficiency. They look for communication, teamwork, and personality. They want to know you can collaborate with colleagues and clients, meet deadlines, and handle the dynamic nature of public practice. By having examples to share of how you’ve demonstrated these soft skills in previous roles, alongside being technically proficient, you will be set apart as a well-rounded candidate. 


Prepare for Behavioral Questions

Many public accounting firms assess your past behavior and predict your future performance using behavioral interview questions. These questions often begin with phrases like:

“Tell me about a time when…”

“Give an example of…”

Be prepared to answer these questions by drawing from your past experiences and showcasing your ability to adapt and succeed in challenging situations.


Enthusiasm for Lifelong Learning 

The accounting profession is constantly evolving, and expressing enthusiasm for lifelong learning is crucial. Show your commitment to professional development by mentioning any education courses (CA/CPA), or industry-specific workshops you’ve attended, as well as your eagerness to stay updated with industry trends. Find out more about CA ANZ’s latest updates


How Tyler Wren Can Help 

Working with Tyler Wren in your search can be a game-changer for your recruitment process. 

  • Personalised Guidance: We take the time to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences to create a personalised approach. We present you with positions that match your qualifications, goals, personality, and long-term objectives. 
  • Feedback: Ever made an application, or interviewed, and never heard back? Working with a recruiter ensures you have the chance to get constructive insights for continuous improvement.
  • Negotiations: When it comes to offer stage, we are here to assist with salary negotiations in line with knowledge of market trends to ensure you secure the most competitive package. Download our latest 2023/2024 salary guide
  • Firm Insights: With our close client relationships, we can provide insight into the people interviewing you, the specifics of what they are looking for, and what the culture is like amongst the team.  
  • Access to Exclusive Opportunities: We often have exclusive opportunities that can’t be found through traditional job boards, and are well-connected to give you a competitive edge. 


Utilise our industry expertise and personalised approach to get the best outcomes. Find out more about Tyler Wren’s Public Practice Recruitment Here


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