Every day I speak to various people working in the CA space about their future CA career goals. There are so many options on the market right now that it can feel overwhelming and challenging to navigate.

As a specialist recruiter, it’s my job to take on that responsibility to find out what my candidates’ needs are. That way, I can remove the hassle, provide expert advice and assist them with finding and securing their perfect position.

If you are considering a move yourself right now, it’s essential first to identify which elements of your current situation you would like to change with your next role.

These are the main things people consider when looking for their next role:

Change of Scenery

Maybe you have been in your current role for an extended period. You just feel that the time is right to try something new. People typically learn the most during the earlier years from working at a firm. But they can start to find their role less satisfying and more repetitive the longer they stay.

Working alongside a new team and being provided with different challenges can be refreshing and rewarding. In addition, gaining exposure to a wider variety of clients and more complex projects comes up daily.

Some people comment that their current firm is stuck in the past. Some firms are using outdated technology and processes and that they are keen to move to a more modern and forward-thinking firm (some firms are even still paper-based in 2022!).

Salary & CA career goals

Salary is always going to be pretty high on most people’s priority lists when it comes to looking at new roles. Nobody wants to take a step backwards when it comes to earning potential. But, in some cases, it may need to be considered.

Larger firms look great on your resume and are usually able to offer many more opportunities to progres. However, they will generally offer a lower salary than a smaller firm. Smaller firms, on the other hand, offer higher salaries but simply can’t compete with the experience and progression that larger firms provide.

An example is when people stay within the same boutique firm for many years and get salary increases yearly but remain at the same level with no progression opportunities on the horizon. The longer they stay in the role, the higher the salary becomes. This can result in having to consider taking a substantial pay cut to progress at a more prominent firm.

We at Tyler Wren have a salary guide for accounting within public practice. You can download a copy here

Professional Growth

One of the main incentives that people will be considering moving is to enhance their professional development. 

I speak to many candidates who have been working at a small firm for an extended period that feel they have hit the ceiling in their career. The smaller firms have less structure in place, so they may not be able to offer more senior roles to progress towards. 

This can leave people feeling like they are going to be stuck at their current level for the foreseeable future and consider moving to a more prominent firm where they can continue to progress towards the manager level.

Flexibility & Work-Life Balance

In recent times firms have had to adapt and provide staff with a lot more flexibility and options to work from home. We have seen this change recently. More and more people are advising us that they are now expected to return to the office, which can be difficult after growing accustomed to working from home.

Most candidates prefer a hybrid role now This can offer a mixture of WFH and work onsite. Many candidates require flexible working hours, especially parents who have other commitments outside of work. I typically find out my candidate’s ideal situation and negotiate this with my clients on their behalf.

If you are considering your CA career goals and are thinking of a move right now, then let’s talk about what you would like to change and let’s make it happen!

Chris Jones | cjones@tylerwren.co.nz | 09 930 8521

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