Why Network?

Most of us know that networking is a valuable activity for personal and professional growth. But, it can be taxing. Life and work get busy, so taking time out of your schedule to network with strangers can feel low on the priority list. 

I’m a specialist recruiter within the CA space and I have been networking within Accounting and Finance events for over seven years now. I like to think I have learned a thing or two along the way – so why should one consider networking?

  • Increase your personal brand

Aotearoa is a small place; it is said there are only two degrees of separation between us. Visibility leads to credibility, which influences your reputation in the market. The more people you meet through networking, the more it increases your reach for recommendations, referrals, collaboration, and mentoring.


  • Share your knowledge, and care to learn from others

Building a diverse network introduces individuals to people from different backgrounds, cultures, and industries. This diversity of thought can lead to innovative ideas and a broader worldview. You have the opportunity to share your knowledge and widen your lens by hearing different perspectives that you may not have considered before.

  • Meeting new people can open new opportunities

Networking provides opportunities to connect with professionals who may be able to offer job leads, career advice, mentorship, or insight into the market. The majority of job openings are never advertised publicly but are filled through referrals and personal connections. New Zealand is a small place, so it’s important to be professional with everyone as you never know when your paths will cross and in which capacity it will be.

  • Professional development 

Attending conferences, seminars, and industry events can help individuals develop new skills and expertise. Networking with knowledgeable peers and experts can accelerate learning and provide valuable insights. Depending on the networking event, this can also count toward CPD hours which is a win-win.

  • Confidence

Networking helps individuals improve their communication, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence. Over time, this can boost self-confidence and ease social interactions in various settings. If networking doesn’t come naturally to you, once you go to a networking event and conquer that fear, that’s an achievement that boosts your confidence and self-esteem! As they say, practice makes perfect.

Want to develop those networking skills?

So, a shameless plug – we are sponsoring an Auckland Networking function with CPA Australia! It’s coming up on Thursday 12th October at 5.30pm in Auckland CBD so register now to get a spot so we can network in person.

Tasha Toehemotu


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About Me

I am a Specialist Recruiter within the CA space which means I help Chartered Accountants / Certified Public Accountants and those studying toward their CA or CPA qualification.

My clients are Public Practice firms and Accounting firms and the roles/accounting jobs are within Business Advisory Services (BAS), External Audit, Tax, Corporate Finance, Risk Advisory, and Insolvency. Our Accounting & Finance specialist team works across New Zealand and Australia in both Professional Services and Commercial/Industry.


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