The reality of our reality at the moment is looking pretty grey.  There is so much uncertainty out there in terms of the economy, our health and our ability to leave our own homes!  None of us have ever experienced anything like our current situation, and so, nobody really knows what the next few months are going to bring!

I am really proud of our country, our empathy towards others, our ability to act and adapt and to observe other countries and learn from their mistakes.  Cindy really has done well I must say. All of these factors have led us to a little silver lining to the story. Our talented kiwis are coming home, and they are coming home to stay.

Loaded with the skills, experience and knowledge they have picked up, this is our time to shine.  The legal industry has always been hit hard by our young generation’s need to head abroad for the big OE.  With overseas experience often being high on law graduates’ lists of things to do once they graduate and have a little experience under their belt.  This is an opportunity.

Welcome home to all the kiwis returning!  Being back during such a weird time for the world must make it so much harder.  Give it time, you will start to feel normal again. I know, so much has changed around here, but you will get familiar with it all again.  Catch up with friends and family (via video calling of course) and use this time to your advantage. If you are worried about employment, don’t be.  When you are ready (and allowed to leave the house) the work is there. There are some amazing roles out there, with complex and interesting work coming in and great mentors for you to learn from or teams for you to lead.  You just need to find the right one.   

The legal industry is one that is robust.  It is one that seems to live on through economic crises.  People will always need lawyers. So now is the time to act.   You have time to do your research, have conversations and to be meeting people via video conference.  If you are an employer, and you want to secure the best of the returning talent, then it is time to start that process.  If you were recruiting before this lock down, then chances are that need is still going to be there. You can put a plan in place now and have new staff who are keen and ready to join your team. We have seen employers go through the process and offer later start dates or agree with candidates that once we are “back to normal” formal offers will be made.

Tyler Wren proactively keeps in touch with our talented kiwi lawyers who go overseas, and we have been touching base with the ones who have come home. A recruitment process and talent pool that has been in place for over four years now.  If you would like to chat with us further about the future recruitment needs of your firm, or you are a kiwi returner looking for some insight and guidance about how you might fit back into the local market, then get in touch. We would love to hear from you.