Recruitment vs recruiters

How is this perceived? What is the reality? Where do Tyler Wren recruiters fit in?

Hiring new staff – no matter the industry, position, or circumstances – is a means for both the employer and candidates to gain valuable experiences and exposure to new ideas and opportunities. But whether it is an internal recruitment process or through a recruiter, the employer aims to find valuable and capable team members. The candidate seeks to find a position that fulfils their current work-life needs. 

Coming from an internal recruitment background, the main difference between this process and using an external recruiter is the dedication, investment, and advisory aspects of the 3rd party recruiter. This ensures they create the best fit and results for both employers and candidates that they partner with.

Like any relationship – there are many fish in the sea for both employers and candidates to choose from. Choosing the wrong person (on either side) can have a long-lasting negative emotional and financial effect. However, like any working relationship, commonalities and values need to be shared, with a give-and-take understanding and vision and an underlying want from both parties for the relationship’s success.

So why use external recruiters when you can apply directly for a job with a click of a button?

Some can perceive recruiters in a negative light – commission-hungry, slapdash sharks. Why? Because we reach out to people who may not have contacted us. They may not need our help yet and may well be happy where they are in their career for now. 

However, like the ever-evolving world we live in, things can change at a drop of a hat! Whether due to natural disasters, life events, financial and progression roadblocks, personal circumstances, or mental health – workplace changes and related issues can occur. Whether it is now or in the future, what once ticked all your career boxes can later fail to fulfil your current work-life needs.

So the reason:

As a recruiter, we are dedicated and invested in partnering with select people and select firms to help each fulfil everybody’s recruitment needs. We aim to ease the stress in an already hectic world and ensure we get the best outcome for all parties. Furthermore, we specialise in our areas of expertise. This means we can provide valuable market advice and career path guidance. We’ll also hear your queries with the view that no question is a silly question! We keep things simple for you to focus on what matters most. 

However, the reality is that this can’t be said for all recruiters. Yes, we receive a commission, and yes, it comes in handy when uber eats has a good deal, but unlike other recruiters, we don’t throw your career successes at a wall to see what sticks. We choose who we invest in based on both candidate and firm values, aspirations, and ethics to ensure we align with ‘good eggs’. Living through earthquakes, pandemics, and the general craziness of life acts as a reality check that life is too short to be ‘stuck in a job’, putting up with ‘easy fixes’ and working without reward. Therefore, as important as it is for you to partner with us, so is us partnering with firms and candidates who uphold these values.

Okay – so where does Tyler Wren fit in?

Like in every industry, there is always competition and other options. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, especially regarding making a significant decision like changing your position, industry, or career, or recruiting for new staff. 

At Tyler Wren, client and candidate relations are at the heart of our daily work. We invest time, commitment, and resources into finding talent. And then partnering on each journey to understand better how we can help achieve career goals. Tyler Wren relieves the pressure and stress of job searching, advertising, negotiating, shortlisting, communicating, and coordinating during each process. We pride ourselves on making sure our candidate’s and firms’ wants and needs are at the forefront of our minds. Because of this, when we reach out with opportunities, we can present the best matches and the most accurate information. We create a trusting, mutually invested, and honest relationship that benefits all parties. Tyler Wren – we know good people who know good people! 

So what now?

Get in touch if you are considering a new opportunity, or want a confidential chat. Let’s discuss your career path and what opportunities are available in the current market. Contact our Auckland or Christchurch teams, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Jaz Locke | jlocke@tylerwren.co.nz | 03 260 5103

Jaz is a specialist Recruitment Consultant based in our Christchurch office with a focus on chartered accountancy – professional services.