We have candid conversations with recruits about why they’re seeking out new opportunities

Every day, we have the pleasure of engaging with bright, ambitious, and motivated young lawyers. Usually because they are seeking out new opportunities in the legal marketplace. Their enthusiasm for their work and desire to make a positive difference in the world is inspiring. 

Some of my conversations start with “I run my files from start to finish because my Partner is so busy. If I don’t know how to do something, I have to figure it out on my own.” 

In some firms more duties are being handed to junior solicitors. Especially in those that are struggling to find experienced talent. They are being plunged into the deep end with little or no support. By far, the best and most confident 3+ PAE Lawyers we talk to have often received excellent training and support.

According to The Law Foundation New Zealand, a young practitioner’s mentorship has a substantial influence on their experience. Subsequently, this has impact on the advancement of their career. These are the years that have the potential to make or break careers in law.

What do young lawyers want? They want to work with an inspiring mentor. More importantly, they appreciate a mentor who will share their experience and help them advance their careers. 

Are you doing the right things to be an effective mentor:

Establishing expectations: 

Be open and honest about your expectations and perception of your role. Be open with your mentee. If you are new to mentoring, be aware that you will be learning as you go. However, be open to input, suggestions, requests, and comments from your mentee. Share your expectations with them, and they’ll share theirs with you.

Having regular check-ins: 

A young lawyer might be afraid to disturb a busy partner with “trivial” questions. Having a monthly check-in gives you the opportunity to discuss issues. You are also able to address concerns before they escalate to a problematic degree. If questions arise between sessions, be available to assist.

Recognising that your professional experience has given you insight that you can share with your mentee: 

If you want to stand out as a great mentor, take an interest in your mentee as a person. Being aware of the mentee’s preferences will help you build a good relationship. You will have a connection based on trust with a view to mutual professional growth.

Celebrate achievements: 

Often, people seek the advice of a mentor in order to help them get through challenging situations. Frequently, mentoring discussions focus on negative aspects of the issue. However, highlighting and celebrate your mentee’s achievements. This will build their confidence. Similarly, reward positive behaviour to keep them focused and motivated.

Do you crave working for a firm that gives you the time and encouragement to be a great mentor? Choose a great recruiter, we’d love to hear from you. 

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We work with amazing firms that pride themselves on their commitment to the growth and development of their teams. Above all, firms with approachable partners who promote mentorship.

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