The candidate market is ever so buoyant, it’s a strange environment we find ourselves in considering NZ is typically a skills-short country. Chances are, regardless of whether you are hiring or not, if you have an online presence and an appealing brand, you would have received many many inbox applications from people reaching out, enquiring about what vacancies you currently have. 

But in this climate that we find ourselves in, where jobs are rare and candidate availability is rich, how do you ensure you are getting the best possible person for the role, and not just the best person out of those who applied. What if the quality of people that you currently have access to is below standard, but this is all you have to work with?!   

If you are in a strong position and find yourself hiring during this time, this is why relying on a recruiter is more important now than ever:

  • You will have a specialist business partner who is recruiting day in and day out, speaking to individuals in your industry, making connections and building a network. We are advocates for your brand and do our best to market your company as a great potential employer to our valued database of candidates.  
  • Recruiters do the hard graft and sometimes the awkward graft too. Head hunting is a common practice of any good recruiter and that means having to make some direct approaches to otherwise passive candidates. These candidates are not necessarily in the job market, they have not put their feelers out for a long time and most often, they are of an exceptional calibre. These are the individuals you want in your business but can often not get hold of yourself. We don’t place adverts, we don’t rely on active job seekers to apply for roles – we go out and find the ones that aren’t applying.  
  • We separate the wheat from the chaff. If you place an advert in the current climate, you will most likely receive hundreds of applications from every corner of the earth and from individuals who just do not cut the mustard. We take the hard work out of recruiting for you and put forward more suitable and engaged people. 
  • We have access to returning Kiwi’s – the ‘brain gain’ is a phrase you may have heard lately. We are talking to hundreds of Kiwi’s who are thinking of coming home, or who are already en-route! We track these individuals sometimes a year in advance of them coming home and because they are so highly sought after, we only want to put them in front of great clients! 

The end goal for us all is to find the perfect fit – the best person for the best position in the right company!  If you have any hiring needs you are struggling with, give us a call to discuss how we can help.