Video Conferencing (VC) is here to stay!

Due to hybrid working increasing in popularity, we will continue finding ourselves in meetings through Zoom and Teams, whether they are internal or external meetings. 

I am a specialist recruiter within the CA space, and VC meetings are still extremely convenient for both candidates and clients. Depending on the employer, if there are multiple interviews you might start with a VC then an in person “formal” meeting.

It’s no secret that it’s easier to read someone’s body language in person. However with this being the new way of working, we need to adjust because digital meetings are here to stay.


Screen position:

You want to be positioned in the middle of the screen with a small amount of space above your head. Neutral is best so keep yourself one arm’s length away from the screen.


Eye contact:

You want to make eye contact into the camera with good lighting. If you have double screens, make sure you are looking at the right screen and camera, even if you are typing up notes. If you are physically looking down at the camera, this could make the other person feel inferior and you could appear aggressive. 



This might sound obvious, you want to make sure you’re focused on the meeting at hand. Close down any tabs that might make noises like group messaging. Close down any tabs where you can be tempted to read incoming emails. It’s easy for the other person to pick up when you are distracted.


Active listening:

Even for digital meetings, it’s the same for meetings in person – active listening is always a good idea. Make an effort to nod, smile and reply with a summary of what was spoken about to make sure you’re on the same page.



The goal is connection and your best tool for digital meetings is your voice. The other person can only physically see so much so don’t underestimate the use of your voice in terms of tone and inflection to reflect your energy is important. 



Yes this is also obvious but sitting up straight and trying your best not to figit. This shows you are engaged, professional and taking an interest.

These are all relatively common sense but common sense is not common anymore so best to share these. 


If you would like to set up a Zoom Meeting to discuss your career and plan for 2024 then do reach out.

Tasha Toehemotu

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About Me

I am a Specialist Recruiter within the CA space which means I help Chartered Accountants / Certified Public Accountants and those studying toward their CA or CPA qualification.

My clients are Public Practice firms and Accounting firms and the roles/accounting jobs are within Business Advisory Services (BAS), External Audit, Tax, Corporate Finance, Risk Advisory, and Insolvency. Our Accounting & Finance specialist team works across New Zealand and Australia in both Professional Services and Commercial/Industry.


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