As we reach the halfway point of 2021, it’s an excellent opportunity to consider what July offers. Most will believe that the days now begin to stay lighter for longer. The Trans Tasman bubble opens up the prospect of having an international holiday. England has a chance to finally bring the Euros 2020 cup home, or the possibility of hitting the slopes of Queenstown. If it’s been on your mind to consider a role change, then it’s time for an engineering recruitment specialist.

We like to start by reflecting on June. A month of records, a month of firsts, and a month of achievements for myself and the Tyler Wren whanau. At Tyler Wren, we have had to adapt to a different style of sales employment, a style that includes personality, emotional intelligence, determination, and passion. A style we didn’t know we had been craving until we explored it. This leads us to similar discussions we have with engineering professionals on a daily occurrence. 

Is it time to look for an engineering recruitment specialist?

Just this past month, we have had placements made for Structural and Geotechnical engineers currently located internationally. Placements of individuals that have been in contact with the Tyler Wren team for quite some time now. These engineers have been enjoying their employment and home life abroad and have decided to take the leap of change. To challenge themselves here in New Zealand instead. This is going to involve a different style of working compared to what they are used to. But the question is why? After dealing with Tyler Wren for a number of years now, why have they decided that now is a good time to make that change and use a specialist to help?

Covid is no excuse for a salary slump

Over these last six months, there has been a significant increase in packages being offered to top talent. The projects on offer are more exciting than ever, and they felt like it was time for a change. The courage it takes to recognise that change is needed to progress in your career is second-to-none. We recently made a poll on LinkedIn to find out whether engineers were satisfied with their recent review, and the feedback we received and conversations we have had honestly shocked us.

Just like these structural and geotechnical engineers, there is a common demeanour of Covid being used as an excuse for no salary increase. Promotion promises are being broken and a decrease in training and development. After introducing these engineers to my amazing clients in New Zealand, they realised that their current employer is part of the minority using the “Covid excuse”. It may not even necessarily be money that’s important. A recent Linkedin article by Seek suggests that top talent are drawn towards ten factors by employers. Those ten pointers being: purpose, flexibility, wellbeing, equality, empowerment, learning, democracy, choice, challenge and belonging. Check out our latest salary and benefits guide to see if your salary is on track.

More of everything

So, as I now use this opportunity to think about what July has in store, I think about the prospect of helping more Design and Build professionals come to the realisation that there are opportunities in New Zealand that will better their lives and wellbeing. More choices, more challenges, and more flexibility on offer to provide empowerment, purpose, and learning opportunities. No more “Covid excuses”. New Zealand has been extremely fortunate over the last 14 months and there is no better place to be or time to explore new possibilities. 

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