Well hasn’t 2020 been an interesting year in the world of recruitment! After 5 months of furlough I have returned to a world of Zoom calls, border restrictions and quarantine vouchers. Out of everything I have seen, the biggest change is the number of Kiwis working overseas bringing their OE to an end earlier than anticipated. This means the team at Tyler Wren are as busy as ever.  

2020 has been a time of reflection for many, and a time to realise what is important in life; whether that is being close to friends or family, settling down and owning your own property, or building your long-term career. 

I have now worked at Tyler Wren for 3 years, and pre-COVID my focus was often on bringing international talent to NZ to fill the gaps in skills shortages. However since my return to work it is clear to see that many of these roles are now being filled by returning Kiwis, no doubt encouraged by the relative normality of life in NZ compared to the rest of the world. This is great news for the Kiwi market; employers LOVE Kiwis who have been brave enough to do the “overseas thing” and feel that a Kiwi Returner will bring added skills to their firms. Even if you are not quite ready to settle back into life in NZ, thanks to the opening up of the Tasman looming, a move to Australia could be a great interim step.

So let’s talk through the next steps and the role of the recruitment consultant in your move back home…..

My Auckland based colleagues can help you take a step back and assess what it is you are looking for. Although many Kiwis working overseas have existing contacts and networks back in NZ and often find themselves with a job offer from these circles, my advice would be we can add value in terms of those opportunities that you didn’t know existed with firms simply not on your radar, or providing advice whereby managers/directors have changed causing a shift in culture. Across NZ we have seen quite a few firms merge, some quietly make redundancies, some expand and grow, Senior Associates promoted to Partner and Partners move firms. We have also noted firms really working hard to improve their image in the market, increases in social responsibility projects and others losing staff to their competitors for a variety of reasons. We have seen a number of new firms created and a couple of shock closures too and this has all been in 2020. All of this knowledge our team has access to due to their networks with lawyers working across New Zealand. We genuinely hold a constantly growing Pandora’s Box of knowledge.

Working with Tyler Wren will open up opportunities with employers who can offer the right fit professionally and culturally. We can also support you through the new quarantine voucher procedure (the key is to keep hitting refresh!), negotiating notice periods and securing the best package available, often juggling multiple job offers. We know how stressful an overseas move combined with a new job can be, and we are confident that working with us is easier than flying solo! 

So if you are a Kiwi based overseas keen to start exploring a move either home or to Australia then get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. vcox@tylerwren.co.nz