For those of you who operate within the skills short sectors, you might think that hiring staff right now is one of the last things on the To Do List and considering hiring overseas international talent downright ludicrous – and you’re probably right!

As we move to a state of lockdown and get into the swing of working from home some of the daily tasks that used to soak up our time will simply disappear and allow you to think about stuff that you struggle to review during the normal daily routine. 

This might also include the structure and talent in your team and how you might want to change that in the future.

Yes, things are changeable and uncertain but there will always be certain areas of expertise that will be in demand, if not right now then once we are all back to business.

Due to New Zealand’s swift response to the COVID-19 virus and other major events that have happened in the last couple of years, we are finding more and more experienced, highly skilled people enquiring about how to move to or return to New Zealand than ever before. 

The microscope is on those world leaders during this time and the general consensus globally is that ours have done a good job, the financial and health support offered has also been received warmly by the general population, once again putting NZ in a positive spotlight. Yes, everyone’s a critic and will have a differing opinion as to when/how/why…. But I’d prefer to be here right now than Europe, the US or the UK (I am English btw).

There seems to be a shift in terms of what individuals, especially those with young families are considering as important factors to choose where to live. Having been engaged with these job seekers over the last four years we are being asked more about quality of life, sustainability, safety, health, job security and development more so than initial financial reward. 

When all has calmed down and hopefully that time isn’t too far away we’d love to talk to you about your teams and we really hope that is sooner rather than later.

I hope to see you all on the other side and that it isn’t too far away. Also, if anyone wants a chat, not necessarily work-related especially those business owners who have to make some tough calls, genuinely drop me a line – 0212 387 806.

All take care.