Get in touch if you are a Commercial or Corporate Lawyer. Because your skills are highly sought after in the New Zealand jobs market. For Tyler Wren, this is the hottest part of our sector. Teams are growing across the Top Tiers and Mid Tiers. General Practices are on the hunt for those with a combination of Commercial and Commercial Property experience. In addition, there is a further demand from commercial businesses. They are looking for quality in-house lawyers and qualified Lawyers to join risk, compliance, policy and conduct teams.

In private practice, those individuals who can demonstrate M&A and JV experience. Sales and purchase, and complex due diligence are also highly sought after. There is also a rise in demand for solid drafters and producers to manage existing and growing client bases rather than business developers and rainmakers. 

Solid client-facing skills, mentoring and those who can manage deals from end to end are also what many teams are looking for in today’s market. Salaries are competitive and on the rise and counter offers and multiple offers are standard. 

There is also more flexibility on offer, candidates are getting wise to not need to work a 70 hour week, week after week. Those firms offering flexibility, greater technology, and training, and structured career pathways will attract great people. 

Opening borders will effect the demand for lawyers

We are aware of the real demand for informal and personal meetings with managers. Before candidates commit to a formal recruitment process to assess a mutual personal connection. Rather than the attraction of a particular firm’s name.

There is also the pending OE exodus around the corner once confidence has grown in terms of vaccines and borders opening. 

Add to the mix the Australian jobs market. The opportunities that these firms can offer mean we forecast that the market will continue to grow in terms of demand for Commercial/Corporate Lawyers

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, please contact Lisa Gray – lgray@tylerwren.co.nz or call me on 09 973 5470.