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Start your salary discussions with us, informed by thousands of salaries for similar jobs using our Risk and Compliance Salary Guide.

Whether you are looking to retain or employ top talent or are planning a career move, our salary guide provides clarity. We cover salaries in building & construction, chartered accounting, financial services, insurance and legal.

How much should I earn or pay?

For employers – are you paying the right amount?
Use the Tyler Wren Risk and Compliance salary guide to gain your competitive edge as an employer. It’s valuable information for retaining the talent you have and securing the top talent you need. Using the guide you can offer a competitive employment package as you’ll have a clear understanding of average salaries across your industry. Therefore, you’ll be able to attract the best job seekers in Australia, UK and New Zealand.

For employees – are you being paid a fair amount?
See what the top talent in your industry is earning. If you’re planning on applying for a job or preparing for a job review, ensure you aren’t underselling yourself. Prepare yourself with the information you need to make sure you get what you’re worth.

Our risk and compliance salary guide gives a feel for what roles in your industry typically pay

Pay is a primary consideration when employees accept or stay in a job. With that in mind, if you’re looking to join a new team or grow your own, you need up to date salary advice. What’s more, the Tyler Wren salary guide gives you the numbers you need to know.

In short, Tyler Wren can help find the best opportunities as a job seeker and the best employees as an employer across both New Zealand and Australia.

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