Everyone has their bad days at the office – but if your bad days are becoming more frequent, perhaps it’s time to think about when the right time to quit is.

The start of a new calendar year represents an opportunity to reset and plan ahead for the coming year – casting out anything that’s pulling you down or holding you back, and reaching for those things that motivate and enthuse you the most. If your current job isn’t meeting your requirements, now is a better time than ever to change that. The first quarter of the year always represents a great time to start your job hunt; law firms are planning ahead for the year, new hiring budgets are set, and job opportunities tend to spike in the first three months of the year (according to SEEK).

When is it your time to quit?

So how do you know it’s time to move on? Other than following your gut, some helpful questions to ask yourself can be:


      • Do you wake up excited to go to work?

      • Do you feel that your physical and mental health and wellbeing could be improved?

      • Would you like the possibility of promotions and clearer career progression?

      • Are you working with people who bring the same positivity to work that you do?

      • Do you feel energised and motivated at work?

      • Do you feel valued and appreciated?

      • Would you like to explore a higher earning potential?

      • Does your workplace align fully with your personal values?

      • Does your role match your high level of qualifications?

      • Are you yearning for that all-important work-life balance?

    Thinking of exploring a new role

    As the new year kicks off we are seeing a spike in lawyers who have come back after the holidays refreshed and courageously quitting their jobs in search of greener pastures, with some of the above reasons resonating with them.  If you are reading this article and it has provoked you to think about exploring a new role in 2023, and you would like to confidentially discuss the legal roles we have across New Zealand and Australia, please get in touch.