As well as consuming enormous amounts of food, the Christmas and New Year break is a great time to rest, recuperate and take stock of the year which has passed. A new year, and a good time to be thinking about a new job.

New job and goal setting

Goal setting is often critical to success in both the personal and professional sphere. They keep us focused and they keep us accountable. But while goals are easy to make, they’re also easily laid to the side and forgotten…..

At the start of a new year many of us take the opportunity to make goals for the coming 12 months – but before doing so, it is advantageous to actively review your goals from last year: have you achieved them; if not, why not; are they still relevant; taking your current position into account, are you well placed to achieve them; if not, what would you need to change?

Personal goals reflect professional goals

Your goals from last year are also a great jumping-off point in formulating those for the new year. Breaking your goals down into personal and professional categories can be a real help. Even if they do bleed into one-another at times. Often your personal goals motivate your professional goals Obviously professional life (and remuneration) can affect your ability to follow personal goals too.

So, what do you want to do and achieve in your personal life in the coming year? Perhaps you would like to devote more time to your family. Maybe travel somewhere new, develop your skills in a hobby, or save towards something?
Professional – what do you want out of your current role? Maybe you’re gunning for that pay rise. Or possibly looking to develop your skills in a particularly challenging space, or transitioning into a whole new one?

Here are some great ideas to get started and avoid mistakes on your CV.

Whatever your goals for this year happen to be, we at Tyler Wren are always keen to discuss avenues in your professional life that could help make them a reality!