Legal – New jobs registered this month with mid tier legal firms, a mix of roles on offer – Litigation, IP, Patent, Commercial, Property & Insurance based in both Christchurch and Auckland. Experts with 2-5 years’ experience still very  much in demand. Roles being created due to migration of this group overseas and market growth.

Finance – Specialist roles with relevant industry experience in demand – Analysts with strong finance modelling, Management Accountants with specific commercial/industry skills, niche analysts across IT, telco. All with high level communication and strong commerciality as well as Post Grad qualifications. Fraud/AML/Risk all on the increase – again with specific industry knowledge.

IT – Dev Ops, .Net Developers, Mobile App Developers, Dynamics 365 roles all demand, with transition to 365 there is a continuing demand for skills in this sector. With the continuing global pressure for network security there has been a continued increase for Cyber Security Experts & Infrastructure.

Construction – Due to continued growth in the Construction sector we are still seeing a continued need for delivery focused Architects & Technicians who have worked on medium to large scale, mid- rise commercial projects.

Although there is a skill shortage, NZ employers are not compromising on quality people for their businesses…….and so they shouldn’t.

Candidates need a mix of qualification, experience & communication skills.

Our impression is that our clients are STILL looking for individuals who can do the base job extremely well and have the motivation and skills to add further value to a business/project/task.