Following a reach out to our New Zealand networks we have secured 120 people based across New Zealand who are willing to act as social and career Koaches. They are dotted across both North and South Island, in the main cities as well as out in smaller hubs including Tauranga, Nelson and New Plymouth.

Our Koaches are from a wide range of backgrounds, across both Public & Private Sector & include:

  • CEO
  • HR Manager
  • Lawyer
  • .net Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • CFO
  • Psychologist
  • Principal Architect
  • Engineer

All from a mix of backgrounds from New Zealanders to immigrants who have relocated in the last couple of years.

Whatever background all are highly positive and looking forward to supporting new people into their communities.

If you are interested in finding out more to find the right Koach for you or want to become a Koach please get in touch.