Before beginning my career in recruitment, I used to think that applying for job positions was purely a black-and-white situation. 

  1. The company advertises a job vacancy.
  2. As the job seeker, you look through the ad to see if you tick all the required boxes.
  3. You apply directly to or dismiss the role based on the job requirements.

Don’t Let These Presumptions Dictate Your Decisions Regarding Job Positions: 

I have bypassed many roles in the past due to not ticking all the boxes on the job vacancy advert.

Dang … XYZ years of experience required – They won’t look at my application! 

Rats … No salary amount mentioned – This must mean that it is on the lower end of the scale!

Dang … Only a vague mention of workplace flexibility – This role must not be flexible!

Rats … It says experienced – This must mean they want heaps of experience! 

Dang … They haven’t mentioned XYZ – this must mean this isn’t an option! 

Misconceptions – Let’s Put Them Into Perspective: 

Ironically – since pursuing a career in internal and external recruitment – I have learned that these common misconceptions are not only not true, but in a constantly changing world, it is the opposite. That compromises, negotiation, and open discussions are the new ‘black and white’.

The demand for accountants isn’t slowing down. With the borders reopening, Kiwis are using this as an opportunity to go on their OE or accept overseas roles. In turn, it continues to narrow the pool of job seekers in New Zealand and contributes to the increase in the number of accounting roles in the current market.

So How Can I Utilise This Market:

Every position has a foundation of ‘must have requirements’ – if there is a Senior Accountant vacancy and you are a Graduate Accountant, that is not your role. However, if you are an Intermediate Accountant on the cusp of the required criteria, this is your chance to promote your skills. The emphasis is on hardworking, motivated candidates driven to learn and achieve in their careers.  

How Can We Help with job positions?

As recruiters, we build long-term relationships with both employers and job seekers. A job advert will outline what a company is looking for, but as recruiters, we will understand what is essential vs what is desirable. Due to our long-standing relationships with clients, we can often secure interviews for great candidates that don’t necessarily tick all the boxes.

For clients, reading a CV is similar to reading a job advert. They will often dismiss the profile if you don’t tick all the boxes. However, as recruiters, we can add context to things that can’t be written in a resume and advise a client when a candidate would be a great culture fit for their existing team, something you can struggle to get from a CV. We can help you identify the requirements for your next role.

So What Does This Mean For Me? 

Well, you won’t know unless you ask the question! So get in touch for a confidential chat to better understand and utilise the current market – reach out to discuss how we can help you today or in the future!

Jaz Locke | 03 260 5103 | jlocke@tylerwren.co.nz

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