Working as a Specialist Recruiter within the Accounting team at Tyler Wren means that I speak with a wide range of different people every day. In some cases, I am introducing myself for the first time. Other times I may have been in regular contact with the person for several months. In some cases even years! Timing is crucial when it comes to finding a new accounting role. It’s a big step for a lot of people and we totally understand that many things need to align perfectly to be motivated to take that leap of faith.

Here are examples of the types of candidates I have successfully helped to place into their ideal new accounting role:

Senior BAS Accountant looking for progression & flexibility at a larger firm

We had been in regular contact with this Senior Accountant since 2018. After the Christmas break they got in touch to say they were ready to make a move. After three years with a boutique firm 15 minutes from home, they were not receiving the training and advisory that they’d been promised on numerous occasions.

We introduced them to one of our clients at a sizable firm. This firm provided the advisory they have been looking for along with a higher salary. Although they are commuting to Central Auckland, they have flexible hours. They also have several WFH days per week. This enables them to spend time with their two young children.

Commercial Accountant looking to move back to Public Practice

We’d been in contact with this experienced Accountant since 2020. They had been working in the commercial space for six months. They originally moved for a higher salary but found the work repetitive and missed the variety of work in public practice.

We helped them to find a role at a sizable firm closer to home. The firm offered them more complex and interesting work. More structure for progression, flexible hours and a salary that was comparable to their commercial role.

BAS Accountant looking to get better progression after completing her CA

I initially made contact with this person last year. They were a reference for another accountant I had helped to place into a new role successfully. At the time, they were working at a boutique firm and mentioned that they would be open to exploring new opportunities once they had finished their CA.

I kept in regular contact until the timing was right. Their main priority was to move to a larger firm where they could gain exposure to more complex clients and have a clear pathway to progress. We helped them to achieve all of this as well as getting them a substantial increase in their salary too.

BAS Accountant looking for progression, flexibility and an increase in salary

I first made contact with this person back in April 2022. They had been at the same firm for over 11 years and were feeling like they had reached a glass ceiling. They showed interest in roles that could offer them better progression options while also maintaining the same level of flexibility they needed to be able to be there for their son.

The client wasn’t in a rush to move. So we kept in regular contact, and last month we helped them to secure a Senior BAS role at a medium-sized firm. There they will be getting exposure to more complex work and stronger career progression, and we negotiated on their behalf. That made sure they got the flexibility required plus a salary increase of over $12,000.

Senior BAS Accountant looking for genuine pathway to partnership

I got in touch with this person after they had requested a copy of our Accounting Salary Guide and discovered they were actively looking for a new role. They had been at their firm for over six years and had been promised a pathway to partnership. However, they felt like this wasn’t happening, which left them feeling like they were being strung along.

We introduced them to one of our clients who were very keen on hiring them and were able to offer a genuine pathway to partnership and a salary increase of $13,000. The commute was a little bit further from home than her previous firm but we negotiated flexibility with their hours and working from home to offset this and help to maintain their responsibilities with caring for their child.

As we get further into 2023 we are seeing the market getting hotter than ever, with there being so many great opportunities available these days – there’s never been a better time to be open to opportunities in the accounting space.

Considering a new accounting role?

The majority of the roles we recruit for fall under Professional Services / Accounting Firms / Public Practice / CA firms of all sizes, from boutique firms up to Big Four, as well as some Commercial roles. We are currently recruiting throughout all of New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch, we are hiring for positions within most services lines including BAS, Audit, Tax and Corporate Finance.

If you are currently considering taking the next steps with your career then get in touch today. I’d be happy to discuss the most suitable options and help you discover the best move for you

We know good people know good people… We offer a $600 referral voucher for any recommendation that we place in a new role. For more details, click here. Our 2022/2023 public practice salary and benefits guide is now available. Click here to get your free copy.