Are you sick of the Northern Hemisphere and ready to head home? We are talking to a lot of Kiwi and Aussie returners at the moment that are starting to think about relocating back down under….

Now, when I did this four and a bit years ago (don’t ask me where that time has gone as it felt like yesterday), it was as simple as picking a flight, packing my bag, having a few too many beverages in the last week, having a good old cry as I said goodbye, still packing as the uber turned up, having one last Heineken with my London fam at the airport and then crying again as I walked through the gates… My visa was up and big surprise I wasn’t quite ready to leave, as much as I had convinced myself I was. 

I wrote an article a few years ago about how much I struggled to return home, and trust me I took the soft landing by backpacking my way through SouthEast Asia, Western Australia and Fiji before ending up in the capable hands of Lisa Gray, Natasha Toehemotu and Gary Bloxham who catapulted me back in life in NZ and a recruitment working environment. Fast forward four and a bit years and this is a completely different world, coming home is not this easy; although probably just as emotional. 

Moving countries is now more than just jumping on a flight and 24 hours later being with your friends and family. Here are a few things to now consider and check off before you make the big move. 

Employment – something I would say that the Tyler Wren are pretty much experts in:

  • What is your current notice period and do you have any projects or files you want to see through? Is your current employer open to having you finish your notice period while being in Managed Iso?
  • When are bonuses paid? Many Lawyers in the UK in particular have had a tough year but are still expecting a pretty hefty bonus – is it worth waiting for this?
  • Do you have a job lined up – and if not, do you want to line up a job before heading home? Covid19 has brought video interviews into the forefront of firms minds and they are willing to hire without having you in the country.
  • Is your resume tailored to the New Zealand and Australian market? Give us a bell if you would like a refresher as to what is favourable at the moment
  • Have you partnered with a well networked Recruiter who can talk you through opportunities that are not even being advertised and secure you a number of interviews and options?
  • Have you got in touch with Vikki Cox who is on the ground in the UK and can talk you through options?

Other Considerations

  • Have you thought about which city you want to be based in?
  • Does your partner need a visa to relocate and what are the current restrictions around this?
  • Have you booked into a managed isolation facility – we are hearing that it is currently booked in New Zealand until June so you may need to do this before finding a new role?
  • Have you done research on which airlines reliably fly to NZ and Aus? Do you have a contingency plan if flights change?
  • Are you ready for the culture shock of being in a predominantly Covid free (dare I say it) world and also realise you have given up the dream of an OE. 

Alright, the decision has been made, you are moving home, you are prepared and have everything lined up. The Tyler Wren team has secured interviews and an offer and you have signed the contract for your brand spanking new role… You have resigned, packed, said goodbyes, cried, said more goodbyes, probably cried again.. Now what…

  1. You need to provide a negative test 72 hours before departure.
  2. Pack some cards, monopoly deal, exercise bands, colouring books and maybe even a puzzle, if you have room and are not sitting on your suitcase to shut it and are horribly overweight like I was.
  3. Get on the plane, mask and all
  4. Land home. Take a deep breath, you have made it. 
  5. Smash out your 14 days managed iso – don’t worry the Tyler Wren team will help you with some playlists, Netflix recommendations and brain teasers to keep you entertained and survive. 
  6. Get released from iso for well deserved hugs from the family and a wine or coffee with your new favourite Recruiter. 

We know being overseas in the last year has been overwhelming, frustrating but at some points rewarding. We also know here in New Zealand that we have been incredibly fortunate to be still living and enjoying our summer, apologies if you have been watching our social media. I don’t think we fully understand the gravity of the situation you are going through but we are constantly talking to friends, family and candidates overseas and trying to do what we can to help. Finally we also know this is not what you had planned and the move home is not going to be the soft landing that I had but I promise you it will be worth it in the long run.