You have seen the world, met new people, tried new things, built your career, learnt about other cultures and perhaps even fallen in love, however something is not quite right. We have all read the articles about the trials and tribulations of heading home, but despite this, are you still being drawn back home to what is looking likely to be a stunning New Zealand summer? Are you questioning: Is this the right move?

One of the biggest decisions we make in life is to give up our comfort blankets, say goodbye to our friends and family and quit our established job to move overseas. “The Kiwi O.E” comes in many shapes and forms, are you in London, Singapore, over the ditch in Australia or off the beaten path? You have felt the highest of highs and become a new person. Do you perceive people differently? Have your dreams changed? Are the things that were once important now insignificant? Travelling and living overseas makes you grow up in ways that are just not possible here in New Zealand. (I should know as I was in your position three years ago).

Everyone always talks about how the hardest part of travel is actually the moment you return home. When I look back on my time in London I continually think of it as the best two years of my life. When I look at the six months following, settling back into New Zealand, it was the most testing part of my life. And I took the ‘soft landing’ approach home, which took me about five months to get back to reality (including three months spent backpacking in South East Asia). What did I struggle with: finding a job I loved; reconnecting with friends; feeling like my life in London was a dream; realising how most of New Zealand had not changed; and most of all, realising how much I had?  

I felt lost.

Fast forward two and a-bit years, I am in a job I adore, my friendship group has changed significantly (for the better) and I am 100% settled and focussed on establishing my career and life here at home in New Zealand.

So where do you fit in? I guess through my own experiences, and the experiences of most of those in my office, I can help with the big move. I am working with Top Tier, Mid Tier and Boutique Law Firms nationwide to bring YOU home. The legal industry is changing, Law Firms are listening and now offering an array of benefits including progression plans, career development programmes, bonuses, more competitive salaries, the opportunity to collaborate with international firms and of course the soft benefits we all love. We can have you on Skype interviews with top Partners, contracts signed and relocation bonuses paid, all before you even have the chance to tell your loved ones you are coming home. When you land we will be the first ones to congratulate you for your new job and life with a care package and a few celebratory drinks. Best of all, we will be here for six months, a year, two years down the line to reminisce on those times that were, but also to look forward to what your future back in New Zealand holds. Once you make the decision to move and actually settle back home in NZ, the future does look bright! 

I am working on an array of roles especially in the Corporate, Banking and Finance, Property, Litigation and Employment Sectors, please do get in touch if you are interested in hearing more, or even just to hear about the market back here in New Zealand and what life could look like – trust me, I have been there and I know what you are going through.

On the other side of the fence, if you have already returned back, welcome home. I hope you have settled in much easier than I did – please do let me know – I always like to hear success stories!

Stevie Doubleday – sdoubleday@tylerwren.co.nz09 930 9828