From the outset, this may seem like a silly question. What has dating got to do with recruitment? 

The truth is that dating and recruitment have far more in common than you would believe.

I’m not talking about the repetitive strain injury you get from swiping right. I’m referring to the way we communicate. 

I’ve had minimal exposure to dating apps as a married man. But recently, I was exposed to some Tinder slang words and noticed how, in many ways, they relate to recruitment.


Ending communication with someone and ignoring their subsequent attempts at contact without explanation. I’m sure this works both ways. However, as a recruiter, there is nothing more frustrating than securing somebody an interview/offer, then.…radio silence.


Stringing along a romantic connection to keep them around as a later option, all while seeking out alternative partners. I’ve recently had a candidate who, after signing a contract, went on to then organise further interviews. Whilst they inevitably had their reasons, it’s not a good look to continue interviewing after signing a contract. 


Failing to respond to a romantic prospect’s text messages in a timely manner, sometimes taking days to answer. As recruiters, we’ve all had those candidates calling us for daily updates only to have them disappear for weeks when we have an interview or offer for them. I’ve certainly heard of recruiters that are guilty of this one too.


Communicating with someone you ghosted after a long time has passed without apology as if nothing happened. The candidate disappears only to reappear a year later as if nothing happened.


Continuing to text somebody even though they are ghosting you. The candidate has gone AWOL. But they’re a great candidate, so you continue to text and call. There’s no sign of life.


Treating a date like an interrogation rather than a pleasant conversation to decide if a romantic prospect is worth getting to know. Us recruiters can certainly be guilty of this. We want to know why you made every career decision over the last ten years.


Posting content on social media that you otherwise may not have in hopes of attracting a specific person’s attention. Whilst I’m not after a particular person’s attention, I would say this article is a form of Gatsbying. I certainly wouldn’t usually be writing about Tinder.

We don’t want to be your Tinder fling at Tyler Wren, and we’d rather enter a long-term relationship with our candidates. We want to understand your long-term career ambitions whilst assisting with short-term goals. Communication can be challenging, especially when things are busy. We promote open communication and avoid the games you get on Tinder.

While I’m not looking for a date, I’d still be keen to grab a coffee. So when it’s time to settle down, send me an email 😉.
Ben Holloway | bholloway@tylerwren.co.nz | +64 (0) 3 244 0258