The recruitment process and compliance requirements place the right candidate in the best position

Tyler Wren is a specialist in recruiting skilled professionals in the Accounting, Design & Build, Insurance & Financial Services, and Legal sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Our recruitment team partner with experienced professionals to find their next job opportunity and guide them through the recruitment process. We provide advice for their career journey, and discuss the Tyler Wren salary guides formulated explicitly for each sector. To deliver an optimal service to the clients we serve. Our team follows a rigid internal compliance process for the candidates we represent from the outset. To this end, our business dealings conducted in good faith rely on the partnership we form with the individuals we represent.

The recruitment process includes a meeting with every candidate face to face or via a virtual meeting. Information gathered in this meeting will consist of an initial introduction to how Tyler Wren can assist. Career history, achievements or special projects, and any covenants and conflicts of interest will form part of the information gathering. The goal is to understand the aspirations and motivations of our candidates to introduce and market their profiles to our established client network in Australia and New Zealand. Any introduction of candidate profiles who partner with Tyler Wren is compliant with each candidate’s full consent and agreement.

Safeguarding ourselves, candidates and our clients

Upon the conclusion of the initial meeting, where we agree to work together, our team will request confirmation of your eligibility to work and reside in Australia and New Zealand. A Candidate Application Certificate is also forwarded electronically to enforce the good faith nature of our partnership. The importance of completing this document is to ensure that any information declarations have been declared upfront. At this point, the candidate will be certifying that they have provided us truthfully with information of:

  • Qualifications (including Academic transcripts)
  • Identification
  • Eligibility to work and reside in Australia and New Zealand
  • Confirmation of work history, details of each job and reason for leaving
  • Reference information
  • Declaration and details of any criminal offences completed or pending (excluding convictions concealed in the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act)
  • Conflicts of Interest

Why is it so essential to meet the baseline criteria?

The reason that we ask for this information is to safeguard ourselves, you and our clients. It demonstrates that you meet baseline criteria in order to progress to the interview and it gives our clients the peace of mind that these initial checks are concluded. The process runs in a smooth and seamless manner in terms of compliance. 

In a recent example, a significant issue arose with information coming to light following the offer and subsequent contract to a candidate. They signed the independent employment agreement and completed all ancillary documentation required by our client. This included an employment application form following acceptance of the employment offer. The employer application included questions already covered in the Tyler Wren Candidate Application Form and declared by the candidate. The candidate provided similar answers and confirmations. The issue arose when the candidate spoke with the client directly, thanking them for the opportunity and allowing them the time to make their decision. However, in conversation, they mentioned to the client that they had a potential conflict of interest with the organisation. Which turns out was most definitely a conflict of interest to the organisation.

The recruitment process and checks save valuable time and energy for all parties invested

Throughout the entire process, from the candidate’s introduction to the client to interviewing the candidate to accepting the offer and signature of the contract, this conflict was not mentioned nor debated. This revelation, at this point, blind-sided us, the recruiter and the client. At this point, all three parties (Recruiter; Candidate; Client) have spent a vast amount of time getting to the endpoint of contractual arrangements. The conflict of interest could potentially impact our client, and the candidate was made aware of the decision not to accommodate their request. The result was that the candidate resigned before even starting the job. The impacts of a simple disclosure in the very beginning would have avoided time and reputational costs. The solution now is back to the drawing board for the client and us after so much elapsed time.

In conclusion, a recruitment partner’s role is as an introducing intermediary between a candidate and a client. All information is required to represent a candidate to our client network best. The essential information to be declared needs to be documented and presented initially, impacting future job prospects. Suppose we, as your recruitment partner is equipped with all the information. In that case, you will be well placed in finding and securing that next exciting new job.

Advice and assistance throughout the process

If you are ever unsure about your outside interests or any other factor that might impede a job search – be open and honest, talk to your recruiter. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we can’t work on your behalf it’s likely to mean that we need to divulge information during the recruitment process.

If a recruiter IS NOT requesting this information this should ring alarm bells in terms of the safeguards and checks that they are conducting in order to ensure that the recruitment process runs smoothly. 

The Tyler Wren team is readily available to offer advice and assistance on all matters pertaining to your job search and excellent insights into the Australian and New Zealand sectors.