As we move from Level 3 to Level 2, Tyler Wren has enjoyed a busy period of talking to people who are looking for a change. Across all of our sectors, Legal, Financial Services, Design and Build and Chartered Accountancy many people have taken the time spent at home to contemplate their futures, assess how their current employer has managed and responded to COVID-19 as well as reviewed the security and continuity of their firms.

We have also engaged with many people who were either about to embark on their OEs, cut their OEs short, or simply relocated back to NZ due to their time overseas concluding.

From a practical point of view, our systems have coped well and we have been able to conduct Video Conference interviews with job seekers and clients smoothly. We have also managed to engage with our clients via phone and Video Conferencing and have a range of opportunities on the horizon – positive news from our sectors!

What is next for us in Level 2?

Our team has decided to operate on a 50% office base and 50% work from home strategy, our decision behind this has been due to:

  • Easing public transport pressure – we figure if all small businesses do this it will allow us all to travel much more easily to and from work.
  • We want to abide by the 2m distancing rule at all times.
  • We are confident that whether our team is at home or at work that we can work to full capacity.

Meet in a safe, COVID-19 compliant space. 

If you need to discuss anything with us we are happy to meet you face to face and abide by Level 2 rules. We are fortunate enough to have an office set up where our interview suite is located on a separate floor to our main team and exclusively used by Tyler Wren. Under normal circumstances, this is what we consider the best way to get to know you and start building a worthwhile relationship.

TW can also safely accommodate meetings between job seeker and employer in our interview suites for those based in Auckland CBD whilst adhering to COVID-19 rules.

We can also manage a visit of your future office environment with your manager outside of office hours so you can review safely and comfortably without feeling rushed or under any kind of pressure that you might be breaking the rules. 

Many of our clients have already organised safe interview spaces too and understand the requirements that they need to meet their COVID-19 obligations. 

Our team is also happy to accommodate Video Conferencing meetings too should this be your preferred communication – simply the choice is yours.

The key thing for us is to ensure that you have the best meeting possible in the safest of environments.

Please contact the team should you want to work with us whether you are looking for your next team member or your next role.