Civil Design Engineering is your game! You’re qualified, experienced and have worked on some key land development projects in a consultancy, and lately you’ve been thinking about what opportunities could exist further afield? Have you ever considered what life could offer you in New Zealand, but unsure of what the prospects look like for someone with your skill set?

New Zealand is in a period of rapid economic development, with major projects planned for the next 30 years! Auckland in particular calls for the most growth, with the construction industry rapidly expanding due to an increase in spend on housing, offices and factories, road and rail links, and water supply. With so many exciting development plans on the go, Auckland has the largest construction workforce requirements in New Zealand, with employment levels said to increase by 21 per cent in the next 3 years – that’s just over 32,000 additional construction-related employees needed*, and Civil Engineers form an integral part of this growth!

Your civil design and construction consultancy background could pave the way for a successful career here in Auckland, with one of our many fantastic clients who are looking for people with your skill set…it’s no secret opportunities are abundant!

Whatever your driving reason is for wanting to explore Auckland as a place to settle and raise a family, get in touch today to discuss how we can provide you with job search advice and relocation support to make your dream a reality!

Contact me on E: kballot@tylerwren.co.nz T: 09 9729988

Reference* – www.mbie.govt.nz/publications