You have gained experience in your chosen profession, you have built up brilliant skills and experience and likely to have worked complex projects and interesting cases. You have a lot of friends, mentors and ex-work colleagues all ready and willing to tell you what is happening in the market, share their opinions as to which companies are fantastic to work for and which you really shouldn’t approach but it is an opinion – right?

You are still unsure as to what is next in your career and how to go about starting the process. What exactly are you looking for? What opportunities are out there? And what opportunity is going to be right for you and your career?

So once again, why is it time to start talking about your next career step?

2018 has flown by, it has been an incredibly busy year New Zealand wide; before we know it 2019 will be here. Many New Zealand businesses are starting to think about budgets and forward plan for upcoming projects and cases.

The end of the year also brings a well deserved break to consider your options and reassess what is important to you – flexibility / salary / type of work / location / other soft benefits? Our experts are working on a huge number and variety of opportunities with top level clients New Zealand wide; we will help assess what is right for you and work on a long term career planning. Our experts are going to be hosting Career Clinics over Christmas offering advice on future planning, it is the perfect time to sit down and properly talk through options whilst you have the time and capacity.

The feedback that we tend to get from potential job seekers are that they will engage with one firm and talk to only two or three people in their industry. Talking to one of our experts immediately gives you opinions and insight from many more. We do this all day, five days a week – we network with in our fields, we know what is going on and what other people like / don’t like about their place of work. This means that you get much more balanced feedback as to what is really happening out there.

The other great reason to work with us is that we can help you take a step back, assess and help you work out what it is you’re looking for rather than just hone in on one employer. The benefit to you is that you explore options that you might not have been aware of exist but also at a safe distance.

Our job is to select around three suitable firms for you to talk to so you can make an informed decision. We feedback for both sides so if you don’t want to pursue an opportunity following a meeting we manage the “break up” to ensure you maintain your reputation and don’t have to worry about that “it’s not you it’s me” conversation. We also manage your package negotiation so again those difficult conversations are not an issue you need to think about.

So think about it?  Are you ready to get some top class advice and support from an expert who is talking to people like you and employers in your sector everyday. As we mentioned, we will be holding Career Clinics all over Christmas so if you want to chat during your time off then please contact us today.