Have you recently secured an MIQ spot in the latest release of dates in August and September? If so, then now is the time to start talking to Tyler Wren about returning to New Zealand. 

The Legal, Accounting & Finance, Financial Services, Risk & Compliance and Design & Build job markets are extremely buoyant and we have opportunities of all levels in pretty much all major centres. Early engagement allows us to understand what you want to achieve in your career and how that may synchronise with what our clients are looking for now and for their future team planning. We are then able to start to talk about specific opportunities and put together a clear action plan for your move home. Just this month we have made some great success stories;

We have secured a specialised Lawyer an over market rate offer for their level of PQE in an international firm for $150,000. 

Tyler Wren have assisted an Australian Citizen returning from London to secure their dream job in Auckland. 

We have secured an offer for a senior Accounting professional, keen to return and settle in their dream location back in NZ.

We have secured multiple interviews for an experienced Structural Engineer, giving them a choice for their next career move. 

So, what information does our team need from you?

The main thing we need is an up to date CV, confirmation of your timescales and what you are ideally looking for in your next role. 

What is the process?

Once we have your CV we arrange a time to talk; this can be over telephone or Zoom. We will listen to what you are looking for, then talk through the companies we work with and the opportunities that may be of interest. We can also bring you up to speed on general business trends in NZ, such as target salaries. 

 Why use a recruitment consultancy?

Why wouldn’t you?? Using a professional recruitment consultant takes much of the hassle and stress out of job searching. Day in day out we talk to those companies that are going to hire you and behind the scenes we work hard to look at all market opportunities and then match the right one with your timescales, skills, experience and requirements. We are experts on the NZ market, and our close relationships with clients means we can connect you with opportunities that will probably not be advertised directly, as well as create opportunities for you. If you have been out of the NZ market for a few years you can lean on our expertise and we can guide you through the interview process and contract negotiations to ensure you secure something competitive that you are excited for.

 Why use Tyler Wren?

Our team consists of highly experienced recruitment experts – each dedicated to enhancing the career of every candidate we meet. Combined, we have decades of experience, having successfully recruited across the UK and New Zealand for many years. We are definitely not a company staffed by young trainees without what we believe is essential real-world life and recruitment experience. This means we have the know-how and the nous when it comes to finding you the right job – and making the transition to your next new role as smooth and as easy as possible. 

 How many opportunities will I get to choose from?

As a recruiter we work hard to identify the most relevant opportunities to you so it is likely we will secure you interviews with only the most relevant employers. Also bear in mind the NZ market is very different in size compared to the UK or USA so the number of opportunities available at any point in time may be lower than what you are used to.  

 How will I attend interviews?

You will attend interviews using Zoom or similar, so you do not need to travel home and can secure your role whilst you are still overseas. 

 What types of clients and in what location do you work with?

We work with all types of clients ranging from small boutique consultancies through to international businesses across both North and South Island. This means we can present something to suit everyone. 

 Who will my point of contact be?

This will depend on your skills and expertise. Your initial contact will be with me based in the UK, as I resource internationally for Tyler Wren. I will then put you in touch with the consultant who works in your specialist area. 

What else should I consider when making the move back home?

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Drop me a line today to start the conversation. vcox@tylerwren.co.nz