Would you know how to recognise a toxic relationship with your work?

Many of us have probably experienced being in a toxic personal relationship. Whether that’s with a friend, family member, partner, or even someone not that close to you. Some of us are quick to identify toxic behaviour. Therefore, we can address it and move on, or get out. Some aren’t so lucky, either unaware, or unable to navigate their way through it, or out of it. A toxic relationship with your work can be just as invasive.

Applying the same principle to your work, would you know if you were in a toxic situation? Or would you be blissfully unaware?

It’s no secret that in the past 2 years businesses have faced huge challenges and had to adapt to new ways of working, whilst ensuring their teams feel engaged, supported and performing. Some businesses have thrived at this, whilst others have struggled to survive. 

Looking at your workplace, through the lens of an employee:

  • Have you noticed a change in culture within your organization?
  • Do you feel supported, encouraged, heard?
  • Are you progressing, or has that taken a back seat for now?
  • Do you feel like you understand the journey you’re on with your firm?
  • Are you coping with your workload, or are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you have experienced people around you who are available for coaching and professional development?
  • Are you challenged by your work, or do you feel like you’re missing opportunities to develop?
  • Do you feel like you’re competing with your colleagues for opportunities to develop or for promotion?
  • Are you being fairly paid for your skills, experience, responsibilities and tenure?

There’s a whole range of reasons why people can begin to view their workplace in a different light.

The obvious ones:

  • Hours
  • Pay 
  • Stress / workload / mental wellbeing
  • Bullying or conflict in the workplace
  • Micromanagement

The not so obvious ones: 

  • Lack of progression or professional development plan
  • Funneled into the same projects/work on repeat
  • Lack of trust / transparency on decision making
  • Continually not following through on promises
  • Poor leadership / tone from the top
  • Changes to contract or work conditions
  • Added layers of bureaucracy or reporting
  • Lack of recognition for accomplishments
  • Blame culture

With Christmas & Summer holidays now firmly in the rearview mirror, are the niggles of last year back to haunt you for good? Or are you satisfied in your current role?

If you feel like your career has lost a bit of direction, or you’re keen to find out how a great employer embraces its talent – we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email sstapleton@tylerwren.co.nz – and I will point you in the direction of a consultant who specialises in your sector. 

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