Wake me up when September starts

Well, hello September, it’s surprising how quickly you’ve crept upon us. Spring has sprung, and New Zealand Engineering projects can hit it’s maximum potential again. With or without lockdowns, the project workload is higher than ever, and it’s business as usual. We’ve learnt to adapt to a work from home environment and crack on with the expectations. I hear candidates crying out for “flexibility” or a “work from home” option from a potential new employer. But here’s the worrying thing, that’s a normal benefit now. If you’re not being offered a work from home option, being supported throughout lockdowns including being offered WFH utility expenses, receiving video calls from your team/managers or being told to get away from the screen for breaks during the day, then you should be questioning whether you are truly valued by your current employer.

As an example, a recent candidate of mine has had no contact from their managers over the last two weeks of lockdown, they’ve been sitting at their screen for nine hours a day, working through their lunch breaks and receiving no recognition. This made the individual feel under-appreciated and therefore applied even more pressure and stress on themself to do more. This is not healthy.

I recruit for the small to medium-sized design and build consultancies where I am seeing more benefits being included in their already attractive packages. These can include, and are not limited to paid mental wellness support, health/life insurance policies, full salary paid maternity leave, paternity pay or sign-on bonuses. All of these are used to provide peace of mind to their employees, ensuring absolute job security and mental health understanding for any event in the future. The best part is that the market is all yours right now as well. My clients are still looking for skilled Design Engineers, Surveyors, Project Managers and Draughters of all levels throughout New Zealand. I’m also in the process of completing a salary guide with a detailed description of all the additional benefits being offered to my candidates which will be available within the next couple of weeks to assist you. 

Back to my point of projects hitting their maximum potential again, the weather improves, the construction phase completes far quicker meaning it’s time to get the next project underway. The stress that can be applied to the workload is important to manage. Having a supportive employer with management that genuinely cares about your well-being is the difference between waking up before your alarm, raring to kick off the day and hitting that snooze button too many times. 

No matter what level you are, or what your role is within the design and build industry, it’s important to surround yourself with people that want the best for you. If you’ve found yourself reading this and thinking “I don’t want to be that person that hits snooze all the time anymore”, then contact me for a confidential chat on 09 869 7279 or email at edrury@tylerwren.co.nz.