Just leave.

To set the scene. I was four years into a sales job, eight years with a partner and as comfortable in life as I could be… and bored. So I quit my job, broke up the relationship and threw my bag on my back.

The first three months were an absolute whirlwind and re-setting up my life 10,260 miles away from home was crazy and exciting. I spoke to people I would have never spoken to before, did things I never thought I would have done and it felt amazing. Liberating. And times I wanted to pack it all in and go home. Also cry, I wanted to do that A LOT!

I persevered, held off the urge to return to my same boring and comfortable life and couldn’t be happier. I’ve moved again! Two years after the initial move I decided I still wasn’t ready to go home so New Zealand is now home.

Comfort zones are called that for a reason, they are comfortable, they are the things that you know, the things you do over and over again, everyday, but don’t keep your soul alive.

It’s not always as drastic as moving to the other side of the world but changing that job you’ve become so adjusted to that every day merges into one, leaving that relationship that has been flat as a pancake for years but you’ve done nothing about because it’s easier to stay.

Ok, so the second one is a little bit more extreme but the job is certainly do able, you might dread going into work because of your boss, be bored with the same work over and over again or be sick to death of working in a dark and dreary office with a printer from the 70’s.

Yes it’s scary but I can safely say from experience, it’s worth every second. The emotions will be an absolute rollercoaster, you will want to give up but keep going and it will click, things fall into place and it will open your eyes to a whole new world around you. Just leave.

If you are looking for a change of role or a change of role and a move across the world, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Article written by one of our newest recruits and NZ inhabitant.