I was born in the 80’s. Looking back, 2019 was drawing to a close and we moved closer to the year 2020. When I was growing up, this year had (for some reason) held visions of an all-new futuristic age. Hoverboards should be sweeping the streets, bank cards and IDs are redundant. Holograms have replaced a regular call. However, although we can now call each other from our watches, the global pandemic would overshadow it all. Yet there is always light, and unlocking lockdown opportunities is something we have all become very good at.

I remember watching the initial news reports last year. My spiralling imagination had me genuinely concerned that this could be the downfall of the human race. Life has changed forever; we have never been more isolated yet connected to everyone worldwide. The following cliché is not one I enjoy, but there is no denying that we now have “a new normal”.

The need to recognise lockdown opportunities

Like many, I was made redundant from a job I enjoyed during the initial Covid-19 lockdowns. I made my way through the year as best I could. Roll around to Friday 13th August 2021 and the first day of my exciting new start in recruitment at Tyler Wren. 

The welcome was exceptional. It was clear how knowledgeable and experienced the team was. No matter where I have found myself in my career in the past, I have strived to become a key member of the team and to support the success of those around me. I was prepared and knew this role would take some time to get to that stage. That little niggle of imposter syndrome began to creep in.

All of the new job stresses were compounded by my third day in the role. It was becoming clear that New Zealand would be going back into lockdown the following day. 

Learn to walk before you run

As the team collected what they needed to begin working from home, I was left a little stunned having had varying experiences in the past. The following thoughts flew through my mind in no particular order:

  • “Do I have everything I need to work from home?”
  • “How will I continue my training if I can’t be around the team in person?”
  • “Am I going to be a burden while others try to focus on their jobs and train me at the same time?”
  • “What about when we finally come back? Will I feel comfortable? Will it be like a first day all over again?”
  • “How do I still show my abilities and enthusiasm when we aren’t even together?”

There is a point to this because I can safely say I was being silly. None of these questions should have even crossed my mind. 

I think my worries were clear early in this new environment as I remember what my new manager said to me in one of my first work from home days: “Learn to walk before you run, Chris”. 

Adaptation and support

I get continuous check-ins, reassurance, and guidance throughout my week. Training is obviously different, but the team has adapted and supported me seamlessly. The culture continues to shine through with virtual team meetings, quizzes, chats and social times together. And to top it off on Friday, I (like the rest of the Tyler Wren family) received a care package. 

Recruitment doesn’t stop. Companies in every industry continue to evolve and build their teams and now more than ever connections need to be built, strengthened and held on to as we anticipate our returns to the offices. 

On boarding is always tricky but I can say with wholehearted honesty Tyler Wren (and in particular Natasha Toehemotu) have smashed this out of the park. I cannot wait to continue this journey with you all and feel part of the team as soon as I walk through those office doors again. 

More than just lockdown opportunities, Tyler Wren smash it out of the park

I am fortunate enough to have joined the expanding team at Tyler Wren in the CA space. If you are an Auditor or BAS expert who would like to have a conversation with someone about a potential move or where your career is heading I would love to talk to you. I am new to the industry and have a great team around me to offer support and advise people wanting to know what is happening in the industry, in particular those looking to make a move who might not be as confident with their employer as I have been during the lockdown. 

Contact me any time for a chat, Chris Jones 09 930 8521 or send me an email cjones@benholloway

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