returning to new zealand


 If you’re a Kiwi and want to make the move back home, we have a great network of clients across New Zealand who can offer the great career move you’re looking for. You may be coming back to start a family, you may have exhausted your visa or maybe you simply miss the awesomeness of New Zealand, whatever your circumstance we can help you find the the continued growth and development that New Zealand can offer, we and make your move back smoother.

To make things easy for you, our team in the UK will conduct an initial interview to assess your skills and create your CV profile on our Cloud Based system – which works in Real Time with our New Zealand based team. Your UK representative then communicates your details and what you’re looking for to their partner consultant in New Zealand who’ll then be in touch to talk through the right opportunities for you.

Search & Find The Right Job

Our team of consultants are specialists in the Legal, Accountancy and Construction sectors and have over 40 years’ experience in their areas of expertise. For you, this means our team can manage your job search process and help you find the best career options depending on what is important to you, whether it’s the hours, training, management style, team culture, job, location or promotion prospects.

If your exact job title isn’t on our available job list, don’t despair. Give us a call, or drop us an email, and we may still be able work on your behalf!