It’s Time To Talk Salaries – 2022-2023 Public Practice Salary Guide Release: 

Are you a frequent LinkedIn user? Or are you someone who only pops on for a quick nosy when you’ve run out of tik-tok videos to watch? Either way, you’ll see from the newsfeed that it’s ‘promotion season’ in the public practice sector! To help, we just have released our Public Practice Salary Guide.

Out With The Old Public Practice Salary Guide And In With The New!

The previously generated 2021-2022 CA salary guide has now been scrapped, updated, and replaced. Only six months into 2022! This reflects the nationwide salary and benefit package increases in the current market. No matter your seniority level, this is for you. This is also for you if you have just been promoted or missed out this time. If another year has passed with you flying under the radar, waiting for your turn, I am talking to you! With the release of our 2022-2023 Salary Guide, we can help you determine if you are meeting market expectations. Or if you are being under-compensated for your time and efforts. With the cost of living in New Zealand skyrocketing and the demand for qualified accountants at an all-time high, it is time to talk salaries. 

Chartered Accountants – What Does This Mean For You? 

The CA shortage has had a domino effect throughout New Zealand. This is causing firms to dig deep into their pockets to secure new talent and retain their current workforce. Work from home, flexible hours, and personalised hybrid work arrangements are no longer being deemed a ‘company benefit’. They are an expectation to work in a high-demand field. 

Rigid molds that once defined the ‘perfect applicant’ based on academics and experience are now being bent. They are being redefined with the importance of someone’s personality, work ethic, and learning ability. Significantly contributing to a team is a new priority. Partner this with employees refreshed want for a work-life balance, employers have to think outside the box to attract and retain staff. 

Counter-offer packages – once a discreet and under-resourced option for CA firms. These packages are now commonly seen in the bid for firms to secure talent. Firms are re-evaluating to meet market expectations and contend against competitors. But purses are wearing thin. There is only so long throwing money at the problem can go on. This is especially so in an economy and field of work that is as volatile as we are currently experiencing.

Tyler Wren – Reach Out To See How We Can Help You! 

Our renewed Public Practice Salary Guide gives employees the upper hand. It aims to help those missing out on valuable experiences and opportunities negotiate a healthier paycheck. Also, to recognise customisable benefits, lifestyle perks, and an overall better working life experience. 

Looking for a sign that gives you the confidence to talk to your current boss about your working circumstances? Are you looking for a change that enables the best work benefit outcome? Or want a confidential chat to understand the market better and what this means for you? Then reach out to discuss how we can help you today or in the future! 

Download the 2022 Accounting salary guide today.

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