Whether you’re returning home or thinking of moving overseas to a new country for the first time, do your homework.

Over the last few months, we are seeing a wide range of people considering a move overseas – there is a little bit of momentum building for those to come and live and work in New Zealand once again. Albeit the onerous immigration requirements still creating a barrier to hiring. 

We are also seeing many New Zealanders moving to the UK and Australia and are aware of Australians and New Zealanders heading back from overseas too. On the whole, each migratory group has different priorities in terms of what they are looking for from their move. 

Our key tips

Relocating to a country for the first time:

Research the locations that you want to work in – Australia (as an example) is a huge country and key variations include:

  • Culture
  • Weather patterns
  • Living costs
  • House rental prices
  • Transport efficiency
  • Industry types in the area
  • Getting there with your possessions
  • Schooling
  • Health systems
  • The overall environment


Depending on how long you have been away for will determine how up to date you are with what’s happening at home. 

The biggest disparity for most individuals is salary – we see many lawyers coming home from the UK and the US, and in most cases people are relocating back home to a lower salary. Talk to Tyler Wren or review our latest salary guide/ in terms of what this expectation should look like. 

Things change – Employers do go through change. For example, one law firm employed the whole insurance function of another leading law firm which totally changed the profile of both firms overnight. Partners and Senior Associates will move around – as will clients. 

Benefits change to keep up with what employees are looking for. Hybrid working and WLB seem to be two common requirements within the legal industry currently. If you are returning to your home country you may want to consider how this benefit will affect the delegation of work to you as well as the building of your own brand in the work place.

What to consider when thinking of moving overseas

Your overseas experience may OR may not have added value to your next career move. Be realistic in terms of how this is perceived in the industry – Tyler Wren will be able to advise.  

Whether you are relocating or returning, our biggest piece of advice is that you (and whoever is coming with you) need to be certain that you want to make the move and that you are committed to the process. The best way to do this is to research as much as you possibly can in order to feel confident in your decision.

If you are considering a big move and want to discuss your plans in more detail then please get in touch with the team at Tyler Wren.