Tyler Wren are currently recruiting in the Risk Governance space

Recruiting in a skilled-shortage market that is in demand and is continuously evolving is always intriguing and exciting. The risk and compliance market is currently heated. Furthermore, with the borders being closed it makes the New Zealand market very competitive. One aspect of risk that is growing and an area that I am currently recruiting in is Risk Governance. 

There is no secret that cracks in banks’ governance systems appeared when the global financial crisis hit. Noticeably in their risk management policies and procedures. Governance essentially defines how risk management is carried out by a business. 

The importance of having a great risk culture

Governance is a vital piece of the puzzle for a bank’s process, it is the overall system of rules. It applies to practices, standards, and communication for risk that ensures an organisation can make. It helps implement risk-related decisions and mitigate risks as effectively as possible. The other piece is Risk Management, which is the process of identifying potential risks that may affect the business and then ensuring these risks are eliminated.

An organisation’s governance processes must ensure that they have accessible and reliable communication channels set up. This will encourage internal stakeholders of the company to report on new and emerging risks in their departments. Therefore, to also keep external stakeholders updated on their risk management procedures. Effective communication in this area also helps to keep the entire bank informed of the importance of having a great risk culture company-wide.

Risk governance role requirements

A fundamental part of a Risk Governance Manager’s job is to provide clear and concise reports as a secretariat function. Therefore, it is exceptionally important that professionals in this area know how to write. Thus uplifting the quality of reports to an executive level. Companies and/or Boards should have a rigorous process to ensure the quality and integrity of effective risk reporting. 

Risk reporting drives communication around how to be proactive in identifying and escalating potential hazards to a business before they arise. In short, ensuring they are mitigated as effectively as possible. Exceptional corporate governance has to ensure that risks are understood, managed, and communicated effectively.

The Risk Governance Manager role that I am currently recruiting for is in a large banking institution. The institution is looking for an individual who has solid report writing skills. This individual has a genuine passion for writing and providing reports written to a high standard.

There hasn’t been a better time to be job hunting in the booming risk and compliance market.

If you are currently in the governance space or have transferable skills in the finance area get in touch. To make a move into a Risk Governance role I would be happy to discuss this opportunity with you!