Changes in the onboarding process to promote greater staff attraction

Tyler Wren recently participated in a Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s (CAANZ) CCP Community Connect session. The purpose of the event was around the topics of staff attraction, retention, returning kiwis and immigration changes. Ben Holloway of Tyler Wren joined to discuss what he has seen in the market and some tips on these topics. Below are some of the points discussed and recordings from the event.

What can Public Practice firms do better to attract accountants?

Advertising, interviewing, and onboarding are time-consuming and expensive. So, what can you do to try and make what you’re doing more effective? Below are some of Ben’s examples during the CAANZ Community Connect event.

  • Advertising – Get creative with your adverts. An advert shouldn’t be a job description. It should explain your business and why somebody should work with you. You are competing with other CA firms to grab candidates’ attention. Read your adverts, would you apply? Use humour, talk about unique selling points, and put some time into it.
  • Interview Process – Have a tight and concise interview process. Explain your process, so the applicant understands what’s going on. Move quickly through the interview process. We have a saying in recruitment, ‘time kills deals’. The longer an applicant has to wait for feedback or the next stage, the more likely a seed of doubt will grow.
  • Sell – Be able to sell real tangible benefits of working for your firm. Whilst an interview is an opportunity for you to see if somebody is suitable for your business, they are also working out if they want to work for you.
  • Recruiter – Use a good recruiter who knows your business, don’t just be on a mailing list of companies they spam CVs to. Let the recruiter do the hard work for you.

How to improve staff attraction and when to make an offer

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Further videos from the event are available below:

How to improve your staff retention
How to attract Kiwi returners

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