Having recruited in the construction industry in both the UK and New Zealand, it’s amazing to see the differences in the market. Auckland could be described as more of a nuke blast rather than the boom you hear about.  The number of cranes in action in Auckland at the moment makes the USA look like a small island with its construction from state to state, and within the UK (excluding London (pop 8.7m) nowhere comes close to the activity on the shores of Aotearoa. Want the statistics? They speak for themselves:

  • Auckland 90 + cranes  (pop 1.6m)
  • Manchester 64 cranes (pop 2.6m)
  • Chicago 40 cranes (pop 2.7m)
  • New York 20 cranes (pop 8.5m)

With all of this activity in mind, it may not be surprising to hear that New Zealand has trouble filling construction roles with its residents. Whilst we have some of the best in the business, from Civil Groundworks to Commercial Finishing, we have a shortage of talent and a huge void to fill.

How do we do this?

The long term solution is apprenticeships, but we need action now. In the short term, international candidates who can hit the ground running and help to pioneer this constantly developing city are in demand.

The forecast over the next 3 years is that a quarter of the total employment growth will occur in construction and related activities, in particular we are seeing the demand in the follow areas.

Roles in demand include:

  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Design Roles
  • Engineers
  • Site Managers
  • Building Surveyors/Inspectors

To oversee the delivery of construction and civil projects. If your job is on a skills shortage list and you have the qualifications and experience to match, the work visa application process is likely to be faster and easier. You may even qualify to apply straight for a resident visa.

Here at Tyler Wren, we are fully committed to helping high calibre international relocators, and making the process as smooth as possible. We will work with you right from that first thought, all the way through to making that dream a reality, and helping you secure not just a role, but also a community, friends and place to call home. You could soon be living the life that so many people dream about.

So now is the time to make those first steps in furthering your career in the land of the long white cloud. Contact me today to discuss how we can provide you with job search advice and relocation support to make the move.

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