It’s officially the middle of 2024, the perfect time to assess your career and gauge your satisfaction in your current role. With your review after end of the financial year behind you, you might be wondering: what does this mean for me? Am I earning a competitive salary compared to my peers? How do my benefits stack up against what’s available in the market? The answer lies in the upcoming Public Practice Salary & Benefits Guide for 2024. This covers salary banding in New Zealand for: Graduate / Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Assistant Manager, Manager / Senior Manager for Business Advisory Services (BAS), External Audit and Tax.


Great news! Tyler Wren is preparing to release the new Public Practice Salary & Benefits Guide for 2024 within the next month. We are currently gathering the final results to help you understand where you stand and whether you’re getting the compensation you deserve.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who completed our three-minute survey! While our ongoing analysis forms a strong foundation, your input is invaluable in enriching the depth and accuracy of our findings. Your contributions ensure that our guide reflects the realities and aspirations of accounting professionals across various roles and locations.

Salary & Benefits Guide Contents

Our comprehensive guide will cover:

  • Market Trends: Insights into the latest developments and shifts in the public practice sector
  • Salary Banding: Detailed information on salary ranges for various roles and in different firm sizes
  • Benefits Overview: An in-depth analysis of current market benefits, highlighting the most popular and what’s the favourite current or previous benefit you have received
  • Moving to Australia: A realistic comparison of expectations versus reality for those considering relocation.
  • Data-Driven Insights: A wealth of graphs and charts illustrating key points such as salary increases over the past 12 months, crucial factors influencing job changes, trends in international mobility (where professionals are relocating), and much more

Salary Range

It is worth mentioning, even when the Salary & Benefits Guide is released, the salary range can be wide. There are many variables. We are always happy to give you personalised advice about where you should sit salary-wise and what various factors can affect this. 

As an example, it depends on:

  • Size of firm you work in
  • Your breakdown of responsibilities as in consulting compared to compliance
  • The size clients you are dealing with in terms of annual turnovers or IFRS/PBE Tiers
  • What kind of client industries are you dealing with and/or are you specialising
  • The location you are based
  • How many staff you are managing
  • If you are reviewing work, is this during peak time or regularly
  • What are you doing in terms of business development or networking

Reflect and Act

Consider what you are currently receiving and what benefits interest you. Are they simply nice to have, or are they deal-breakers?

In the meantime, while waiting for the new Public Practice Salary & Benefits Guide, if you want personalised advice on your current salary and benefits package, get in touch for a confidential conversation.

Get Ready

Stay tuned for the release of the Public Practice Salary & Benefits Guide 2024. Take the next step toward understanding and optimising your career potential.

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