To set the scene, it is a Friday afternoon, and the CA team met ahead of time before our team picnic. This was to film our video to celebrate the release of our NZ Public Practice Salary Guide for 2021/2022. We were based in Westhaven. Funny story – we completely forgot about State Highway One next to us, and to top it off, we also had an orchestra of nature by the sea. We filmed our video full of hope, yet we noticed how much background noise there was. We have figured out a solution as a team (voiceovers) which has produced the masterpiece you see now!

I’m a specialist CA recruiter at Tyler Wren, and we have the largest specialist CA team in New Zealand. We are currently working with a wide range of clients from Big Four to Mid Tiers to large, medium and boutique firms. They are actively looking for skilled BAS Accountants, Auditors & Tax Specialists of all levels throughout New Zealand. 

With the borders still closed right now, the opportunities have never been as lucrative in New Zealand as they are at the moment.

We have put together this 2021/2022 Salary Guide to help people within the CA market be confident that their salary and benefits packages are in line with the NZ market. We have put this guide together utilising knowledge and IP from our client and candidate networks. The data has built up over this year from both candidates and clients. We are privileged to have some commentary from Peter Vial, New Zealand Country Head of CAANZ, to add their findings and perspective. 

We are thrilled to release this to the market – we welcome your thoughts, feedback and comments. We want to make sure the 2022/2023’s salary and benefits guide is just as helpful and informative.

If this could be of benefit to you, then get in touch to request a free copy! If you find out that your salary is behind the current market then we are here to offer support, especially if you are considering a new career opportunity. Alternatively, the guide may give you the peace of mind that you are looking for to approach your next review with the knowledge that you need. 

Don’t forget that if you know someone in your network who is open to a conversation about the market, send them our way as we’ll reward you with a $600 referral voucher.

Chris Jones T: 09 930 8521 | E: cjones@tylerwren.co.nz