Optimising your job search

With the increasing competition in the legal jobs market in certain locations and sectors, some legal professionals need to strategically approach their job search. This article delves into three effective ways of optimising your job search.

Craft a CV that reflects your writing style as a lawyer

Begin your job search journey by optimising your CV and cover letter – key tools in making a lasting impression on hiring managers, talent managers, and potential supervisors. A study by Indeed reveals that hiring managers spend a mere 6-7 seconds reviewing a CV. In our experience, supervising partners will spend more time reviewing and analysing your writing style and structure as a lawyer.

  1. Focus on a concise personal summary spanning 4-6 sentences.
  2. Clearly express the strengths that you possess in your current role and want to transition into your next legal role. You may want to tailor this depending on what position you are applying for.
  3. Maintain a clean format, avoiding unnecessary elements like pictures or abstract color blocks.
  4. Utilise bullet points to present responsibilities, ensuring clarity and quantifiable data. Incorporate acts, legislation, and jurisdictions to highlight your expertise.
  5. Maintaining confidentiality describe the size and scope of your matters. As an example, if you are an M&A lawyer, state the industry, size of the deal, and countries involved. 

Master Interview Skills

Navigating interviews can be challenging, but thorough preparation can lead to success. Traditional interviews often include behavioural and competency-based questions. Employ the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) for effective responses. Prepare examples of your work to highlight your track record and demonstrate development and achievement. Showcase your roles and responsibilities when working on projects. Give examples of solid client relationships that you have developed.

The next sentence may sound basic but an awareness of non-verbal cues, such as active listening, nodding, and maintaining eye contact, play a pivotal role in interview success especially when attending a virtual meeting. Always ask relevant questions at the end of your meeting, as an example if your potential employer’s sector may be heading towards regulatory change or a new political environment ensure that you are aware.

Defining Your Next Opportunity

A common pitfall in job searches is a lack of clarity on desired roles. Before diving in, consider crucial factors: if you are looking for a new law firm consider the type (boutique, general practice, mid-tier, or top-tier), specialisation preferences, salary expectations, and relocation possibilities.

If you are considering inhouse or a slight career change into compliance, governance or risk:

  • What type of employer are you looking for,?
  • What size team do you want to work in?
  • How is your career going to develop, and will the role provide what it is you are truly looking for in that next move?
  • What is your career strategy and how is it aligning with your next employment choice?

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Strategically navigate

To truly perfect your job search as a legal professional, focus on refining your CV, mastering interview techniques, and defining your career goals. By strategically navigating these aspects and leveraging professional networks, you enhance your chances of finding the perfect opportunity. 

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