Across all of our specialist verticals of Financial Services, Risk & Compliance, Legal, Professional Services and Design & Build, the market has rebounded massively this year. However, the closure to highly skilled internationals and bottleneck of kiwis returners at the border continues to create a market that is very candidate short. For example, the skills shortage continues to create competition, the Risk & Compliance space and the need for skills in a highly regulated market such as banking & financial services. Institutions and their transformation programmes continue to uplift the risk maturity of the organisations, driven by regulation and change. We have many employers looking to fill positions like the Senior Risk & Compliance role.

It’s a candidate’s market! The intrinsic rewards that candidates are making decisions on are pay parity, working conditions (flexibility), and the organisation’s and team’s culture. However, extrinsic rewards are now coming to the forefront as candidates decide what is next in their career trajectory and what can an employer offer them in building on that experience.

Senior risk & compliance role on offer

We are working on many risk & compliance roles at varying levels across banking, financial services, and insurance. Employers seek specialist skills across project implementation, risk capability, and strategy within their operational risk and compliance teams. With opportunities at the more Manager level and above, these skillsets are highly desirable. In addition, candidates are looking for particular exposure to specific project work, people leadership, and leading the implementation of more strategic initiatives. Although these opportunities could be lacking in their current roles, employers alike seek candidates who already have these abilities and proven skills. It is a bit of a catch 22 position.

Senior risk & compliance role skills and experience

At the Senior Manager level, we are currently working on several roles across Business, Institutional, Personal and Wealth. The Operational risk & compliance opportunities in the 2LOD with responsibility for oversight, review and challenge across these designated areas, you would be providing an active voice in business governance. You would also provide risk and control profile monitoring and provide expert advice on implementing and adhering to risk management frameworks. In addition, your ability to conduct thematic reviews and attestation process would participate in the business-wide review requirement. The skills an employer would be looking for would be your expert and demonstrated experience of operational risk and compliance and extensive experience in applying OR&C frameworks. At this level, the practical experience of leading through change and the ability to build collaborative working relationships with stakeholders would set you aside in the interview process above others.

Clients are seeking expert compliance

With the senior risk & compliance roles in the market currently, clients seek expert compliance, understanding the assigned areas of accountability with a strong understanding of the NZ regulatory environment. The ability to interpret and apply complex regulatory requirements needs to be at an expert level as in the ordinary course of this role. You would be dealing with a range of stakeholders up to the Executive level. With the larger banking organisations, you would have a proven ability to work across large and complex organisations, facilitating an efficient flow of information.

Candidates who stand out in this market would be those with a growth mindset and the prepotency to lead through change. Adaptability and resilience whilst navigating the ongoing regulatory uplift across New Zealand organisations would see your career aspirations come to life.

Get in touch for your next senior Risk & Compliance role

Do get in touch with our Risk & Compliance team Gary Bloxham on 09 974 9072, to discuss that next step in your career. Or visit our careers portal to view some of the live opportunities we are working on at present. But, again, Check-in with the team as not all options are advertised.