Is your recruitment process letting your firm down?

It is no secret that in 2019, the legal industry is a candidate driven market.  Having great marketing strategies may mean you are attracting the best talent, but if your recruitment process hasn’t quite caught up then you won’t get them over the line. 

In a recent study of candidates*, it was discovered that there are multiple ways in which firms were losing out on top talent.  Inability to adapt and change processes could end up being costly and mean that you are losing the battle more than you are winning. 

So where can you change?

Know what you want and how you will find it.  Over 90% of candidates want a process that’s simple, transparent and a detailed job description*.  Having a clear vision of what you are looking for and being able to communicate this to candidates is important.  Candidates want to know everything.  Let’s face it, we live in a time where information is so easily accessible.  The more a candidate knows about the position the more comfortable they will feel.  

The recruitment process needs to be simple and easy.  No more jumping through hoops.  This process is the first insight a candidate sees into how your firm works.  Showing consideration and awareness of your candidate’s situation is a reflection of you as an employer.  Being flexible and available to meet outside of normal business hours shows a level of empathy and care to potential candidates.

Speed and communication.  Given the market is candidate driven, you should assume candidates will also be interviewing with your competitors.  Having a lengthy and complex process, is going to push them straight into the competitions’ arms.  40% of candidates expect to be contacted within one to two days following their interview*.  If you want to keep candidates engaged with you then providing fast feedback is key. 

Millennials listen to other millennials.  Making sure you are handling the rejection process quickly and gently is becoming more and more important.  With the increase of social media and communication in general, leaving an applicant with a sour taste could be detrimental to your brand in the future.  With websites now in existence such as Glassdoor, candidates have the ability to do a quick search on perspective employer’s and find reviews and comments from their peers – positive and negative.  Make sure you are communicating with the unsuccessful applicants as quickly as possible.

Making the final decision and getting an offer in front of your candidate quickly could also be make or break.  Of the candidates surveyed half had multiple offers and that rises to 75% among more senior positions*.  Those firms with a fast process and who get offers out quickly are winning what is fast becoming a common battle.  Considering the fact that when interviewing with two different companies, 96% of candidates are influenced by the speed of follow up*.

The offer will always be challenged.  A candidate driven market means retaining staff is becoming more and more important.  90% of candidates will be counter offered by their current firm*.  You should always therefore be putting your best offer forward.  This could be in the form of money, flexibility, quality of work, progression.  Make sure it will stand up to any challenge.  

Keep them keen.  Even after you have offered the role and they have verbally accepted!  34% of candidates admit to changing their mind about a job after saying yes and people within the legal industry are among those most likely to change their minds*.  Keeping up communication with candidates right up until their first day is paramount to keeping them engaged and interested.  Organising some pre start activities – perhaps an office tour, a lunch with their new team, or the partner they will be working with.  This makes the candidate feel wanted and excited to be coming on board, and in turn, solidifies their decision to join your firm. 

How to lose a candidate in 10 ways?

  1. Lack of job description.
  2. Slow and complex recruitment process.
  3. No communication around process and timeframes.
  4. Lack of candidate consideration and flexibility.
  5. Providing slow or no feedback following interviews.
  6. Slow with the decision-making process.
  7. Offers that are below where the competitions are.
  8. Bad management of unsuccessful applicants and damage to reputation.
  9. Counter offers from current employers.
  10. Lack of engagement with candidates between the offer and start date.

How Tyler Wren can help

Tyler Wren can help with all of this!  From keeping your candidates excited and engaged, to making sure the candidates you didn’t hire still speak highly of you within the market.  Our team can ensure your entire process is managed perfectly and nothing falls through the cracks.  We are in constant communication with our candidates, including well after they start with your firm.  We can also provide consultation so that any offers presented will stack up against your competition. 

*Statistics taken from 2019 survey completed by Office Angels UK